A comprehensive college of The City University of New York, the College of Staten Island offers associate's degrees in selected areas, an extensive range of bachelor's degrees, and exceptional master's programs. (Click here for list of programs).

Students who have attended any college, university, and/or proprietary school since graduating from high school or secondary school must file a transfer application.

After admission to CSI, the Office of the Registrar will evaluate credits of transfer students for advanced standing. Final degree credit for transfer work depends upon grades earned and College and departmental requirements.

Transfer students from other CUNY colleges are encouraged to visit CUNY's online Transfer Information and Program Planning System (CUNY TIPPS) for information about transfer credit.

Transfer Student Requirements

Transfer students will be admitted to the College based on the following criteria:

  1. Transfer students with less than 30 credits completed at the time of application must also fulfill our freshman requirements and submit their high school documentation as part of the application process.  In addition, the student’s completed college work must have an overall GPA of 2.0*.
  2. Transfer students with 30 or more credits completed at the time of application must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0*.

*As a transfer applicant, your admission application will be evaluated based on an individual review of your academic record that includes all attempted and completed courses and grades earned.

Your entire college/postsecondary school academic history, including grades earned from courses taken more than once, will be used to determine a grade point average (GPA).  If more than one college/postsecondary school was attended, your GPA will be determined through a combined calculation of all attempted coursework.  Please note that plus (+) and minus (-) additions to grades are not reflected in the GPA.  Your high school/secondary school record will be considered if you have completed fewer than 30 college credits.

In addition to fulfilling the admissions requirements, students must satisfy the City University of New York Assessment Test requirements for entry into a baccalaureate program.

Where there are extraordinary extenuating circumstances, students denied transfer admission because of a grade point average below 2.0 may appeal their denial in writing to the Director of Admissions, who will refer the matter to the Admissions Committee.

Admissions criteria are subject to change.