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Graduate Programs and Requirements

Below, you will find a listing of our graduate programs which include Advanced Certificate, Masters and Doctoral programs. Each program is linked to a fact sheet or page with detailed information regarding the admission requirements and application procedures. You may also visit the Graduate Catalog for additional information and degree requirements.

Doctoral Programs

Program Coordinator/Director Application Deadline

Community-Based Leadership (EdD)

Program Director Ruth Silverberg
Building 3S, Room 105A

Summer Cohort - January 17
(Priority Deadline)

Doctorate of Nurse Practice (DNP)

Professor Catherine Paradiso
Building 5S, Room 213

Fall - April 19

Physical Therapy (DPT)

Professor Michael Chiacchiero
Building 5N, Room 205

Summer - October 1
Summer Admission Only


Masters Programs

Program Coordinator/Director Application Deadline

Accounting (MS)

Professor Deborah Brickman
Building 3N, Room 203

Fall - April 25 (Priority Deadline)
Spring - January 19 (Extended Final Deadline)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (Advanced Certificate)

Professor Kristen Gillespie
Building 4S, Room 103

Fall - May 15
Spring - November 25

Biology (MS)

  • General Biology Track
  • Biotechnology Track

Professor Jianying Gu
Building 6S, Room 142

Fall - July 1
Spring - November 25

Business Analytics of Large Scale Data (Advanced Certificate)

Professor Hyoung Suk Shim
Building 3N, Room 224A

Fall - April 25
Spring - November 25
(Priority Deadlines)

Business Management (MS)

  • Strategic Management Track
  • Large-Scale Data Analysis Track 

Professor Chandan Acharya (Strategic Management)
Building 3N, Room 214

Professor Hyoung Suk Shim (Large-Scale Data Analysis)
Building 3N, Room 224A

Fall - April 25
Spring - November 25
(Priority Deadlines)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)

Professor Frances Melendez
Building 4S, Room 106

Fall - March 10
Fall Admission Only

Computer Science (MS)

Professor Xiaowen Zhang
Building 1N, Room 213

Fall - July 20
Spring - December 5

Cultural Competence (Advanced Certificate)

Professor Marianne Jeffreys
Building 5S, Room 108

Fall - May 15
Fall Admission Only


Education (MSEd)


  • Adolescence Education: Grades 7-12 (Biology, English, Mathematics and Social Studies)
  • Bilingual Education (Advanced Certificate)
  • Childhood Education: Grades 1-6
  • Childhood Education: Sequence 3 (Teacher Residency Program)
    (Starting semester TBA)
  • Special Education: Grades 1-6
  • Special Education Adolescence Generalist: Grades 7-12
  • Special Education (Advanced Certificate)
  • Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Advanced Certificate)
  • Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MSEd)


Diane Brescia
Building 3S, Room 211

Rebecca Curinga (Bilingual and TESOL)
Building 3S, Room 225

Deirdre Armitage (Teacher Residency Program)
Building 3S, Room 207C

Fall - April 25
Spring - November 25

Electrical Engineering (ME)

Professor Vinay Vaishampayan
Building 1N, Room 231

Fall - June 30 (Priority Deadline)
Spring - December 31 (Priority Deadline)

English (MA)

Professor Rosanne Carlo
Building 2S, Room 222

Fall - April 30 (Priority Deadline)
Spring - October 31 (Priority Deadline)

(Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis up to three weeks
prior to the start of each semester)

Environmental Science (MS)

Professor Alfred Levine
Building 1N, Room 227

* Rolling Admission for Fall and Spring

Healthcare Management (MS)

Professor Chandan Acharya
Building 3N, Room 214

Fall - April 25
Spring - November 25
(Priority Deadlines)

History (MA)

Professor Natalie Kimball
Building 2N, Room 215C

Fall - July 20
Spring - December 2

Leadership in Education (Post-Master's)

  • School District Leader
  • School Building Leader and School District Leader (Dual Certificate)


Professor Susan Sullivan
Building 3S, Room 218

Fall Cohort - May 25

Liberal Studies (MA)

Professor Roslyn Bologh
Building 4S, Room 208

Spring - January 15
Fall - August 15

Neuroscience (MS)

Professor Greg Phillips
Building 6S, Room 131

*Rolling Admission for Fall and Spring


Nursing: Adult-Gerontological Health   

  • Adult-Gerontological Health (MS)
  • Adult-Gerontological Health (Post-Master's)


Professor Catherine Paradiso
Building 5S, Room 213

Fall - April 19

Public History (Advanced Certificate)

Professor Susan Smith-Peter
Building 2N, Room 204

Fall - July 20
Spring - December 2

Social Work (MSW)

Paul Archibald
Building 2A, Room 201

Priority Deadline - February 15 (Summer / Fall Admission Only)
(Summer start for Advanced Standing Only)


Special Programs

Teacher on Sabbatical
The Teacher on Sabbatical program is designed for veteran teachers who wish to hone their classroom management skills and increase their effective use of technology.

Joint Programs

The following doctoral programs are offered jointly with The City University Graduate School Center:

  • Biology (Neuroscience)
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing
  • Physics

The applications for the joint doctoral programs are available through the CUNY Graduate Center.

*Rolling Admission:  We strongly encourage you to submit the application and all supporting documents no later than November 18 for Spring and April 21 for Fall.  Programs that offer rolling admissions will accept applications on a space available basis.

International Applicants: Applicants who are seeking an F-1 visa (student visa) should complete the application process one month prior to the posted deadline. 

Extended deadlines: Some departments may consider reviewing applications that are submitted after the deadline.  Please contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions for further details at 718.982.2019 or