General Education

General Education

Beginning in 2013, the College of Staten Island is integrating its well-respected GenEd Curriculum into the new CUNY-wide model known as Pathways.  For new students, as well as current students who choose to opt in, Pathways incorporates many strengths of the existing core while simultaneously streamlining the transfer of courses between all CUNY colleges.

Pre-Pathways GenEd

The college-wide GenEd Curriculum is a requirement for those students who began their baccalaureate studies at CSI prior to Fall 2013 and chose not to opt in to the Pathways model.  This suite of courses reflects the ideas, knowledge, understanding, judgement, experiences and skills that you need to make meaningful contributions to a diverse and global society, assume leadership roles, and develop an appreciation of and capacity for lifelong learning.

Academic Plans Prior to Fall 2013

Pathways GenEd

The new general education model adopted by the CUNY Board of Trustees is implemented through a process known as Pathways.  This process defines 30 credits of a Common Core general education requirement for all students at CSI and gives some parameters for up to 12 additional credits of general education requirements known as the College Option.

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Academic Plans Entering 2013 or Later