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The Center for Academic Student Assistance (CASA) offers free tutoring on a walk-in basis (no appointments necessary) seven days a week. Please see our tutoring schedules below.

If you have any questions about CASA tutoring, please reach out to us by e-mail at or by phone at 718.982.4221.

Tutoring Schedule


Online Tutoring Schedules


The Center for Academic Student Assistance offers drop-in tutoring in a wide variety of subjects, both in the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as in Business and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

With a convenient tutoring location in the Library (1L-117), the Center for Academic Assistance strives to accommodate even the busiest of student schedules with weekday, weekend, and evening hours of operation.  The tutoring lab is equipped with a number of computers installed with MS Office, C++ and other academic software.

Contact Information

Koby Kohulan

Associate Director

Math Immersion/STEM Tutoring

Christopher Cuccia

Tutoring Coordinator

Humanities/Social Sciences

Additional Student Study Centers at CSI

Contact Information 
Ilena D’Versa, Tutoring Coordinator 
(718) 982.3956

The Biology Tutorial Center assists students in their studies of the biological sciences.  The Center provides one-on-one tutoring on an appointment or walk-in basis for all courses in biology. It also provides various biology-related resources available for those students who wish to work on their own.  Reference materials such as textbooks, lab manuals and atlases are available for review upon request.  Other resources include charts, models, bones, microscopes, slides, videotapes and CD-Roms.

Call or visit the Biology Department for the complete tutoring schedule.

Since the transition to Distance Learning, the CS Dept. Tutoring program is now offered remotely. Students can contact a tutor during the tutor's session for a  BB virtual session.  Please refer to the following schedule:  CS Dept. 1N-113 Tutoring Center

Contact Information 
Orit Gruber, Chief College Lab Technician 
(718) 982.3015

Tutoring for computer science undergraduate courses is offered in the open lab in 1N-113. Tutors can assist students in understanding computer science concepts, and in completing/debugging programming and application assignments.  Computers are available in the open lab for students.

Hours vary by semester and are posted on the door of 1N-113 and the door of the Computer Science department main office (1N-215).

Call or visit the Computer Science Department for the complete tutoring schedule.

Contact Information 
Lewis Carbonaro, Tutoring Coordinator 
(718) 982.3606

The Math Tutorial Laboratory provides a friendly and conducive atmosphere for the study of mathematics.  Free walk-in math tutoring is available for all developmental courses (Math 015-030) and100 and 200-level math courses. During each hour of operation, at least two tutors (and often more) are on duty and no appointment is necessary.  Tutoring is offered on a one-on-one basis as well as in small groups.  Students are welcome to borrow from the extensive library of mathematics texts found in the Center.  The Center also houses two video playback machines and a small library of math tutorial videotapes which students may view on the premises.  We welcome all students who are registered in a math course at CSI.  

Call or visit the Math Department for the complete tutoring schedule.

Contact Information
Emmanuel Grant, Tutoring Coordinator
(718) 982.2573


The Media Culture Department offers study sessions designed for students enrolled in cinema and communications courses. The sessions are designed to bridge the gap between the theory and application of professional production techniques by helping students become more familiar with the equipment and applications introduced in their classes.

Working in group sessions or individually with a tutor, students are able to apply their classroom knowledge to the processes involved in multi-media production in a supportive and informal setting. Topics covered include digital video and 16mm film production, introduction to the Macintosh work environment, non-linear editing, web design, digital photography, graphic design and web animation. In addition to technical instruction, our tutors provide consultation on creative projects.

All study sessions are held in the Film/Video Lab (1P-122) or the Digital Communications Lab (1P-231). These labs are equipped with Macintosh computers, printers, scanners and a full complement of audio, video and film production gear. Equipment manuals, industry trade magazines, classroom texts, CD and DVD tutorials are also available for student use. Please call in advance to make an appointment.

Call or visit the Media Culture Department for the complete tutoring schedule.



Contact Information
Valeria Belmonti, Director
(718) 982.3711

The Modern Languages Media Center at CSI provides a great variety of aids for the learning and teaching of foreign languages. 

  • The MLMC offers a wide range of audio/visual equipment with multi-regional capabilities, as well as a state-of-the-art multimedia computer facility (Windows XP). 
  • The MLMC offers several word processing programs with the ability to spell-check, and in some cases, even check on lexical and grammatical topics.  The MLMC is also a comprehensive computer-based testing facility which provides placement testing for students either entering or exiting language courses. It also offers support for the oral component of all levels of language.
  • Students also have access to available application programs that accompany courses that are offered in our department.
  • The MLMC offers tutoring services in all languages offered at CSI with one-on-one and group sessions. 

The MLMC is generally open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, during summer sessions), and on select Saturdays throughout the semester.  For more information, please visit our website.

Contact Information
Georgia Landrum, Tutoring Coordinator
(718) 982.2424

The SEEK Learning Center for Academic Support offers a variety of programs in order to enhance students' academic performance. 

  • Tutoring encompasses courses from developmental to upper levels depending upon the individual student's needs. 
  • Intensive review workshops are held in order to prepare students to pass theCUNY Assessment Tests in reading, writing, and math.  Additional workshops conducted by tutors focus on improving study skills, coping with test anxiety, note-taking, etc. 
  • CLUE-certified computer workshops are also offered throughout the academic year to both SEEK and non-SEEK students.  The SEEK Computer Lab is available to students for a variety of academic needs. Supplemental Instruction sessions led by master tutors or adjunct faculty are also offered by the SEEK Learning Center for Academic Support.  

Call or visit the center to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information
Prof. Barbara Schiano, Coordinator
(718) 982.3842

Nursing Student Mentors are available to help students use educational resources and computers and acquire test-taking skills. Our primary services include an interactive Listening Center, study group sessions and computer access. Students may walk in or reserve time to utilize our resources.  Additional services include: weekly class study and review, test-taking enhancement workshops and access to reference books, free magazines and software programs.  Visit the Nursing Neighborhood for more information, including a complete schedule of offerings.  

Call or visit the Nursing Department for the complete tutoring schedule.

Contact information
Bob Brandt, Tutoring Coordinator 
(718) 982.3635

The Writing Center, under the direction of the English Department, assists students in improving reading and writing skills in all subject areas.

Contact Information
Stefan CharlesPierre, Director
(718) 982.2697

Eileen Parathyras, Tutoring Coordinator
(718) 982.2176

The Center for Student Accessibility offers tutoring in all subject areas.  We focus on basic skills—reading, writing, and math—and provide tutoring in other subject areas upon request.

The Tutoring Center does not accommodate walk-in students.  Students requesting tutoring are advised to fill out an application, which is available in 1P-101.  A tutor will then be assigned to the student for a minimum of one hour per week, per subject.

In addition to the helpful tutoring staff, the Center also possesses an extensive array of software and equipment specially designed to assist students with various learning and physical disabilities.  Students are urged to call or visit for more information.

Call or visit the center to schedule an appointment.