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CSI Art Gallery

2800 Victory Blvd
Building 1P
, Room 112
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Mon -Thurs: 12-4 PM
Saturday: 12-3 PM

Fall 2019

Village Newsreels: Narrated Scrolls from West Bengal

September 23 -- October 26
Opening reception: September 26, 5-7pm.
Gallery hours: Monday-Thursday 12:00-4:00, Saturday 12:00-3:00

An exhibition of narrative scroll painting by contemporary folk artists from West Bengal. This centuries-old tradition by Sufi Muslim painters—who uniquely do not adhere to the Islamic ban on representing the figure—is being reinvented in the digital age. The painters were traditionally also songwriters and itinerant performers and many still are. With entertaining and serious topics ranging from Hindu and Muslim religious narratives, to major news events such as the 9/11 terror attacks, and information about preventing HIV-AIDS, these inventive and vividly decorated narrative scrolls have long functioned as a kind of handmade village newsreel.

Thursday, September 26, 3:30-4:30pm, The Gallery of the College of Staten Island, 1P-112
Gallery Talk
Changing Traditions: a discussion of the recent history of Patua Scroll painting in West Bengal. With Geraldine Forbes, Professor emeritus of modern women’s history in West Bengal, and the collector. 

Contact Information

Craig Manister
Contact Via Email
Siona Wilson
Curator for 2019-20

Chris Verene: Home Movies

November 7 -- December 7
Gallery hours: Monday-Thursday 12:00-4:00, Saturday 12:00-3:00

An exhibition of films and photographs by CSI's Chris Verene, documenting the struggles and joys of his family and friends in rural Illinois over the last two decades. The works weave together true family stories, personal experiences, and economic hardship to reveal a moving account of the political and social transformations seen by many Americans.

Tuesday, November 19, 3-4:30pm, The Gallery of the College of Staten Island, 1P-112
Chris Verene: Home Movies - panel discussion


Advisory Committee

Miguel Aragon (PCA)
Catherine Lavender (History and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies)
Edward Miller (Media Culture)
Beatrix Reinhardt (PCA)
Nanette Salomon (PCA)
Valerie Tevere (Media Culture)
Chris Verene (PCA)
Marianne Weil (PCA)
Siona Wilson (PCA) committee chair

Mission Statement for the Gallery of the College of Staten Island

The Gallery of the College of Staten Island is dedicated to presenting a rich diversity of professional artistic practice by both contemporary and historical artists. Through high quality exhibitions and related events, the gallery strives to introduce and engage the college community and the wider New York public to a global breadth of creative output. Our programing serves as a springboard for introducing a broad range of issues including, but not limited to, personal, intercultural, social, historical, scientific, health-related, economic, political, and transnational subjects. We aim to use the visual and interdisciplinary arts to facilitate difficult discussions about new ideas while fostering curiosity, developing critical thinking and encouraging a respectful understanding of divergent points of view and experiences. Exhibitions and related events seek to enrich our students and the diverse communities they come as well as the college community as a whole, making connections across the educational divisions and schools through the unique communicative power of the visual and interdisciplinary arts. 

Exhibitions are curated by members of the faculty with an expertise in the visual arts. The curatorial position rotates annually. An advisory committee of faculty and staff oversees the programming.