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Transportation & Parking

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See daily schedules below.

Operational Services provides on campus and ferry shuttle transportation for use by Students, Faculty and Staff. On campus, the College provides a Campus Loop bus and an Accessibility van to address the needs of our riders who need assistance. Links to the specific schedules are available below. All bus stops can be viewed on the CSI Campus Map.

Dolphin Card Required for Access to Ferry Shuttle and Loop Bus Services Since with the 2017 Fall semester a valid Dolphin Card with the Transportation Access Code (TAC) has been required for all students, faculty and staff to access the College bus services.  All enrolled students will automatically have TAC embedded in their Dolphin cards.  Faculty & staff who wish to access the service will be required to pay the same fee as our students.  The Transportation Fee is $40 for fall/winter semesters combined, $40 for spring and $10 for each of the two summer sessions.

Faculty and staff who wish to ride the Ferry Shuttle and/or the Loop Bus can remit the fee to the Office of Parking & Dolphin Card Services by visiting the Parking and Dolphin Card Services Office in 3A-106 during business hours, or by using the following link:

Enter your College FLAS log in, deposit the appropriate fee, and follow the directions to complete the transaction.

Dolphin Card holders with TAC may bring one guest per ride by swiping their Dolphin Card twice.
Guests Guests not accompanied by a member of the College community will be permitted access by contacting the Office of Operational Services in advance (email and requesting a Visitor Bus Pass. This pass must be printed and presented to the driver when boarding the bus.  Please plan to give at least 24 hours advance notice. 

Ride the CSI Ferry Shuttle Bus between CSI and the St. George Ferry.
The pick-up at CSI is in front of building 2A at the Bus Shelter.


If you need additional information regarding the Shuttle Bus, please call Operational Services at 718-982-3220 during business hours or send an email to

August 22 through December 21, 2022

Monday through Friday Schedule

Leaves St. George Ferry Terminal

Leaves CSI 2A Bus Shelter

7:05AM 7:35AM
8:05AM 8:35AM
9:05AM 9:35AM
10:05AM 10:35AM
11:05AM 11:35AM
12:35PM 1:05PM
1:35PM 2:05PM
2:05PM 2:35PM
2:35PM 3:05PM
3:05PM 3:35PM
3:35PM 4:05PM
4:05PM 4:35PM
5:05PM 5:35PM
6:05PM 6:35PM
7:05PM 7:35PM
8:05PM 8:35PM
9:05PM 9:35PM
10:05PM 10:35PM

Saturday Schedule

Leaves St. George Ferry Terminal   Leaves CSI 2A Bus Shelter
8:05AM 8:35AM
9:05AM 9:35AM
10:05AM 10:35AM
11:05AM 11:35AM
12:05PM 12:35PM

Please note the following:

  • When CSI is open but there are no classes, the Ferry Shuttle will leave the Ferry terminal at 7:05 am and run hourly until the last arrival at the campus at 7 pm.

  • There is no Sunday Ferry Shuttle Service (please utilize the MTA service which stops at our campus)

  • There is no Ferry Shuttle Service when the college is closed for official holidays for any other reason of an emergency nature

NOTE: This schedule is a guideline and is subject to change at anytime due to traffic, construction, or conditions beyond our control. Every attempt will be made to adhere to this schedule and to notify the college community as quickly as possible of changes.

Additional information or suggestions on service improvements can be directed to Operational Services at                  

Ride the Loop bus to 7 stops around the campus.

Please note that due to COVID protocols, after picking up passengers at the Main Gate,  the Loop Bus will immediately stop at 1P where all passengers must disembark for Safety Check. Passengers may then re-enter the Loop Bus to continue on the route.

Below is the Loop Bus Schedule Effective August 22, 2022 through December 21.

Please note: There is no Loop Bus Service when the College is closed for holidays or on an emergency basis.

Days Departure Location Start Service End Service Frequency of Bus
Monday –  Friday class days Front Gate 7:05 AM   11:05 PM Every 20  minutes
Monday - Friday Non-class days Front Gate 7:05 AM 7:05 PM Every 20  minutes
Saturdays Front Gate 7:35 AM   3:35 PM Every 20  minutes
Sundays Front Gate 8:30 AM 1:30 PM Every 20 minutes

NOTE: This schedule is a guideline and is subject to change at anytime due to traffic, construction, or conditions beyond our control. Every attempt will be made to adhere to this schedule and to notify the college community as quickly as possible of changes.

Additional information or suggestions on service improvements can be directed to Operational Services at

Interface with MTA 

Operational Services is always looking for ways to improve the transportation coordination with the MTA and has been successful in securing changes in MTA bus routes to benefit College students, faculty, and staff.

  • The S93 which runs from CSI to 86th Street & Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, now continues on to the campus to the S93 bus shelter in the front gate. In Brooklyn, it serves direct connections bus routes B8, B16, B37, B63, B64 and B70 and Subway route R. The bus leaves the campus starting at 5:45 AM and runs continuously throughout the day with the last bus leaving at 9:15 PM.  The first bus departing Brooklyn leaves Bay Ridge at 6:35AM with the last leaving Brooklyn at 10:00PM. The trip is estimated to be about 40 minutes. 

To view the S93 schedule from the MTA web site.

Accessibility Service operates four days a week, Monday  through Thursday. 

Service is provided for students, faculty and staff who require special accommodations. 

Campus Accessibility Service Availability

Beginning Wednesday, September 28th through Wednesday December 21, 2022.
10:00 AM through 11:00 PM*

*This schedule is subject to change.

There is no service when College is officially closed for holiday or other reasons of an emergency nature.

There is no Friday, Saturday or Sunday Service during this period.


Please Note: When service is operating during business hours, please call Operational Services at Ext. 3220 (718.982.3220).  Call the Public Safety office at Ext. 2116 (718.982.2116) after 5 PM to have the bus dispatched to you.


Access-A-Ride MTA New York City Transit operates Access-A-Ride, the City's paratransit system. Access-A-Ride (AAR) provides transportation for people with disabilities who are unable to use a public bus or subway service for their trips. 

Access-A-Ride 1-877-337-2017 / 718-393-4999

How to schedule an Access-A-Ride (AAR) Trip to/from: The College of Staten Island 2800 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10314 Access-A-Ride Logo

The College of Staten Island’s Administration, in cooperation with NYCT Paratransit, has established 6 specific AAR stops within College’s Campus:

  • 1P - Center for the Arts (Close access to Buildings 1A and 2A)
  • 1R - Gymnasium
  • 5N - Parking lot 4 (closest to Building 5N) 
  • 6S - Parking lot 2 (In front of Building 6S) 
  • 2M - Parking Lot 7 (in front of Building 2M)
  • Front Gate - Main Entrance (North) Victory Blvd Entrance

Each of these locations has specific GPS coordinates along with signage to aide in the successful connection of the AAR vehicle/driver and customer.

When scheduling individual trips or subscription service for The College of Staten Island please determine which of these locations you are traveling to/from and ask the AAR Reservation Agent (Trip Planner) to:

Use the PLACES FILE to locate the address for 'The College of Staten Island's: (same locations as above)

f you experience any difficulty during the reservation process, please ask to speak with a supervisor.
Safe Travels!
Access-A-Ride 1-877-337-2017 / 718-393-4999

Welcome to Access-A-Ride Paratransit Service
Customer Feedback

The Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services is responsible for ensuring that every student, faculty and staff member, and visitor to the college who chooses to park and/or operate a motor vehicle on the CSI campus does so in accordance with college policy. The office oversees the sale of parking permits through the vehicle registration program and the enforcement of the college’s parking policies by Public Safety and Parking & DolphinCard Services personnel through the issuance of Traffic and Parking Summonses. 

All college employees and students, including summer, visiting, evening, full-time, part-time, continuing education, etc. are required to purchase a valid CSI parking permit.  Fees from parking permits are utilized for critical maintenance of parking lots, such as salting and snow removal; pothole repairs; resurfacing, striping, and painting of lots; and campus signage.