Noyce Teacher Academy at CSI

National Science Foundation Noyce Scholarship Program*

The goal of this National Science Foundation program is to graduate students who are knowledgeable in the disciplines of mathematics and science and who are well prepared to teach in high need middle or high schools. In this program, students major in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science and have internships in host schools every semester. Collaborating teachers in the host schools serve as models for best teaching practices and provide support for Noyce scholars as they learn how to teach effectively. The Noyce program provides a junior-year entry point for highly qualified candidates into the Teacher Education Honors Academy at the College of Staten Island by funding scholarships for mathematics and science pre-service teacher candidates

Disclaimer:  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

*Partial support for this program is provided by the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program under NSF Award No. DUE-1540704

Contact Information

Marianne Orla
Advisor of the Teacher Academy Programs at the College of Staten Island
Building 1S, Room 215
Phone : 718.982.3609
Email Marianne Orla

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Applying to the Noyce Teacher Academy is simple.  Choose the apprpropriate application on the following page and join us in our mission to make a difference at high need


Follow the link to review the eligibility requirements for the Noyce Teacher Academy


Have a question about our program?  Review these helpful FAQs to get the answers you need.

Host School Assignments

Each semester beginning with the first semester in the program Noyce Scholars are assigned to a host school and spend 50 hours per semester working in these high need schools. 


Noyce Scholars are eligible for awards of $11,000 for each scholarship / academic year. The $11,000 is intended to pay for all costs of college attendance.

Teacher Education Honors Academy

If your passion is mathematics or science, the Teacher Education Honors Academy is for you. Its purpose is to educate a new generation of exceptional teachers.