Noyce Scholars are eligible for awards of $11,000 for each scholarship/academic year. The $11,000 is intended to pay for all costs of college attendance including tuition, fees, books, computer, transportation, and room and board. This generous award is intended to reduce the amount of non-college work that students often do. A Noyce scholarship recipient must commit to the completion of two years of service as a fully-paid mathematics or science teacher in a high need school for each year the scholarship is received.  Service must be completed within 8 years after graduation from the program for which the scholarship was awarded.

Eligible students may apply by May 1 for admission in the following Fall semester and by December 1 for admission in the following Spring semester.

Students will receive their half of the award each semester. For example, a Noyce Scholar who enters the program in the fall semester will receive $5,500 in the fall semester and $5,500 for in the spring semester.