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Nanette Salomon


Nanette Salomon, professor of Art History and curator of the College’s Art Gallery, received her Ph.D. from the Institute of Fine Arts of NYU in 1984.

At the College of Staten Island she teaches a full range of courses from the Art of the Ancient World through the Baroque period, as well as courses that survey Women and the Fine Arts and the History of Printmaking.  As Curator of the Art Gallery she produces two exhibitions a year that are both historical and contemporary in nature.  For a complete list please see the Art Gallery website.


Ph.D., New York University

M.A., New York University

B.A., Queens College

Scholarship and Publications

Professor Salomon’s two books are: Jacob Duck and the Gentrification of Dutch Genre Painting, Davaco Press, 1984 and Shifting Priorities; Gender and Genre in Seventeenth Century Dutch Painting, Stanford University Press, 2004, are feminist interpretations of Dutch painting.

She has written numerous articles from 1984 to 2011 that range in subject from the Cnidian Aphrodite of the Hellenistic Greek period to the work of Charlotte Salomon, a Jewish women artist who perished in the Holocaust. Her work has also included a critique of the history of the History of Art.


Contact Information

Office: Building 1P Room 224C