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Fall 2023 Early Research Opportunity • Metagenomics: Sequencing of DNA

Join us on Wednesdays 10/18/23– 12/13/23 for the following exciting and immersive early research opportunity—Metagenomics: DNA Sequencing. Metagenomics, a rapidly emerging field in Biology, focuses on the study of DNA and gene sequencing of microbes found in diverse environments, such as soil and water, as well as the human body.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolution, metabolism, and interplay of these microbes, and will learn how Metagenomics can help us solve environmental and health-related issues. During this research program, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the laboratory by extracting DNA from environmental samples, using PCR to amplify and analyze specific DNA sequences, and utilizing bioinformatics tools to identify the bacteria present in your samples.

There is a discounted lab fee required to take this course (compare to similar courses offered elsewhere for thousands of dollars more).

Date: Oct 18 2023 4:00pm - Dec 13 2023 6:00pm
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island
Phone: 347.443.8699
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