CUNY Start at CSI

What can CUNY Start do for you?

  • Improve your math and/or reading and writing skills.
  • Prepare you to retake assessment tests and for credit courses.
  • Offer strong academic advisement to help you plan your educational future.

Differences between CUNY START and Typical Remedial Classes

CUNY Start: Typical Remedial Classes:
  • Non credit classes
  • Prepare for reading/writing and/or math – all in the same semester
  • $75 total tuition for all classes
  • Books and supplies provided
  • Financial aid does not apply, you save financial aid for credit classes
  • Two opportunities to re-take any needed placement tests in the subject you study
  • 12 hours of instruction per subject per week
  • Full time program Mon-Fri 9:00 – 3:00, good for students free during the day
  • Part time program in morning and afternoon, good for students who are busy during (part of) the day
  • Non credit classes
  • Must take separate classes in reading, writing and math. It may require several semesters to complete remediation
  • Full tuition, same as credit classes
  • Students must purchase books
  • Financial aid is accepted, but may be used up your before you have completed your degree
  • One opportunity to retest, you must pass the class before retesting
  • 3 or 4 hours per subject per week
  • Classes meet at various times. Good for students busy during the day

Advantages of CUNY Start: lower cost, more instruction, fewer semesters spent on remediation, more opportunities to retake tests, no financial aid used, better chance of earning degree.