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CSI Transfer Equivalency Guide

The transfer equivalency guide is a listing of previously transferred courses from various institutions. It is intended to give an approximation of how courses may come in to CSI for transfer students and is periodically updated.

Please read the following information before you continue:

The information in CSI’s Transfer Equivalency Guide is provided to show how classes at your current or former school may transfer to CSI. Please be advised: Final determination of transfer credit acceptance is made by the college based on many factors and for each student. The Transfer Equivalency Guide is an estimation and does not guarantee transferability. You must submit official transcripts of all completed coursework before a final determination can be made on credit transfer.

Simply enter the name or first few letters of an institution where you have previously taken courses and scroll through the results for any class you have taken. From there, you will be able to check to see how The College of Staten Island has awarded the credit in the past.