Quiet Study Space Reservations at CSI St. George

CSI St. George is now open for Individual Quiet Study, by Reservation Only.

All current CSI students will have the opportunity to reserve a Quiet Study Space in one of three designated Reservation Blocks on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays when the College is open, consistent with the Academic Calendar, and until further notice.

This space cannot be used for group/collaborative work, to verbally interact in class, meetings, or other online activities, or to engage in phone conversations.

Please read the complete *Terms and Policies below before selecting the desired Study Space using the below Personalized Appointment Links (PALs) and logging into Navigate using your CUNYfirst credentials. (For best results, please use Chrome of Firefox. PALs may not work correctly in other browsers.)


Quiet Study Reservation Blocks

The available Reservation Blocks include Two-Hour Quiet Study Blocks, Three-Hour Quiet Study Blocks, and Three-Hour Quiet Study Blocks with Desktop Computer Access. Click any of the below PALs to proceed. ADA compliant study spaces are available upon request. Please enter a note in the "Comments" during your reservation. For best results, please use Chrome of Firefox. PALs may not work correctly in other browsers.

Three-Hour Quiet Study Spaces:

Three-Hour Quiet Study Spaces with Desktop Computer Access:

Two-Hour Quiet Study Spaces:

    *In order to access the space for a Reservation, students must agree and adhere to the following terms, policies, and/or requirements: 

    • Make required Reservation via the Navigate PALs (Personalized Appointment Links)
    • Complete a Health Screening via the Everbridge Health Checker App on day of reservation prior to entry;
    • Valid Photo ID (DolphinCard, State ID, etc.) Required for Entry at Public Safety Check-In;
    • Appropriate Face Coverings, covering the mouth and nose, must be worn at all times;
    • Must follow 6 feet social distancing guidelines;
    • No food or drinks allowed;
    • Independent Quiet Study space. No group study;
    • No synchronous classes requiring vocal engagement;
    • Must stay in the location, and only in their assigned seating, except to access the Restrooms;
    • Furniture cannot be rearranged or moved;
    • Individuals are required to leave when their reservation has expired;
    • Once a student leaves the building their session is terminated;
    • Failure to comply with any of the terms of use may result in ejection from the location and/or loss of future Quiet Study Space reservation privileges.

    In addition, please note the following:

    • Reservations are Restricted to One (1) per day per student;
    • Reservation must be made at least one day (24 hours) prior to requested Date/Time;
    • Reservations can be made up to Seven (7) days in advance;
    • Students will receive confirmation of their Reservation via text and their CIX email; 
    • Students can view their Reservations by logging into Navigate (Web or App access); 
    • Wi-Fi access will be available. Students must login with their SLAS credentials;
    • Printing from Desktop Computers and personal devices will not be available;
    • Private rooms are not available;
    • All spaces are described as Group Study Spaces, allowing a restricted number of individual in each space consistent with CUNY and NYS COVID Health & Safety guidelines;
    • Student Services Personnel (Advisors, Counselors, Financial Aid, etc.) are not available onsite.
    • Personal headphones are allowed. The College will not distribute any equipment;
    • Due to the need to maximize airflow throughout the space, student should prepare for a colder ambient temperature;
    • Sanitizing wipes will be provided to students to disinfect reserved areas prior to use;
    • Please arrive on time for your Reservation as your time cannot be extended;
    • Parking: There are no dedicated parking options provided by the College at or near the CSI St. George location.