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CSI Self-Study Updates

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CSI Self-Study Updates: 10/6/2021

What has been done since the last CSI Self-Study Update?

  • A draft of the Self-Study was shared with the College community for review and feedback in Spring 2021.
  • Two virtual town halls were held to discuss the Self-Study and solicit recommendations.
  • Based on the feedback received, the draft was revised over the summer. In particular, the draft has been revised and expanded to highlight the ways that the College upholds its priorities of Borough Stewardship, Student Success, and Scholarship-Driven Education; an explanation of budgetary processes has been clarified and expanded; and an effort has been made to account for the College’s numerous efforts to adapt to the pandemic and ensure a consistently high level of education and student support.
  • The process of writing the Self-Study has also brought renewed attention to the vital importance of regular assessment practices for the College’s ongoing work of self-improvement.
  • The process of editing and evidence-gathering has continued through the current semester.  

What are the next steps?

October 2021

  • Submit Self-Study draft to Middle States Evaluation Team Chair, Dr. Kathryn Foster, President of the College of New Jersey.

November 2021

  • Host Middle States Evaluation Team Chair virtual visit on Monday, November 15, 2021.  During this time, the Team Chair will meet with various College constituencies.

December 2021 – January 2022

  • Finalize Self-Study document based on Evaluation Team Chair feedback.

February 2022

  • Submit final Self-Study document.

March 2022

  • Host Middle States Evaluation Team visit on March 27-30, 2022. Membership of the team has not yet been finalized. It remains to be determined whether this visit will be virtual or in-person.

If you would like to learn more about Middle States Accreditation at CSI, please visit the following site: You can also read the CSI Self-Study Updates.

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