Blackstone LaunchPad at CSI

Hub for ideas and Innovation

Blackstone LaunchPad at The College of Staten Island provides a hub of opportunities for those who are pursuing ideas, projects, businesses and their entrepreneurial spirit. We connect students to a global network that believes in the support of creativity and receiving an education through doing. For all of the innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives: we are here for you! 

Blackstone LaunchPad at CSI makes entrepreneurship accessible and relevant for all college students, regardless of their background, starting point, or future plans. We believe that diverse backgrounds and perspectives make for impactful ideas and problem solving. No matter your path, we will equip students with the entrepreneurial mindset, skills, and network you need to succeed.

LaunchPad at CSI is a place for gaining knowledge and critical skills to build a better tomorrow. No matter if you start a company, join forces with another founder, or pursue a traditional career, we are here to help you build a mindset that differentiates you from the rest. 

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