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Jason Behrstock

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PhD in Mathematics, State University of New York at Stony Brook, May 2004.
Thesis Advisor: Yair Minsky

BA. in Mathematics (with Honors), University of California at Berkeley, May 1998.


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Jason Behrstock, PhD


Lehman College
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Department: Mathematics
Discipline: Mathematics

My primary areas of interest are the worlds of finitely generated groups and low dimensional manifolds. I am especially interested in interactions between group theory, geometry, and topology; recently I have also been pursuing connections between these areas and probabilistic combinatorics.

Global Structural Properties of Random Graphs, with V. Falgas-Ravry, M. Hagen and T. Susse. International  Mathematical Research Notices, to appear.


  • V. Falgas-Ravry
  • M. Hagen
  • T. Susse

Experimental evidence.