As an Instruction Librarian, Anne Hays provides reference instruction, formal instruction sessions for classes in a variety of disciplines, and teaches a section of LIB501: Beyond Google: Research for College Success. She is the library liaison for Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program and the Department of Performing & Creative Arts.

Professor Hays holds Master’s Degrees in both library science and creative writing. Her research interests explore the intersection between identity politics and print/media culture—including open access, social media platforms, blogging, artists’ books, and zine culture. Her current research investigates how libraries support marginalized communities and provide access points for scholars to locate their own identity-specific cultural heritage in an academic sphere. Additionally, Anne Hays is the founding editor of Storyscape Journal, a literary and arts journal:


BA, Smith College

MFA, Sarah Lawrence College

MLIS, Queens College, CUNY

Scholarship / Publications

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  •  Hays, A. (2017) Reading the margins: Embedded personal narratives in feminist personal zines. Journal of Popular Culture. 50(1), 86-108.