As the Coordinator of Library Instruction, Anne Hays provides reference instruction, formal instruction sessions for classes in a variety of disciplines, and teaches a section of LIB501: Beyond Google: Research for College Success. They are the library liaison for Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program and the Department of Performing & Creative Arts.

Professor Hays holds Master’s Degrees in both library science and creative writing. Their research interests explore the intersection between identity politics and print/media culture—including open access, blogging, artists’ books, and zine culture. Their current research investigates how libraries support marginalized communities and provide access points for scholars to locate their own identity-specific cultural heritage in an academic sphere. Additionally, Anne Hays is the founding editor of Storyscape Journal, a literary and arts journal:


BA, Smith College

MFA, Sarah Lawrence College

MLIS, Queens College, CUNY

Scholarship / Publications

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