Antonia Foldes


I have been working in probability theory and mathematical statistics since 1969. My main field of activity,  nonparametric statistics,  the investigation of the Brownian motion, random walk, their local time, additive functionals and anisotropic walks. Most of my results are strong theorems (that is to say almost sure results), and many are in the field of strong approximation.


Mathematics 1969  Eotvos University, Budapest

PhD 1971, Eotvos University, Budapest

Candidate Degree 1981, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Scholarship and Publications

(in the last 5 years):

 89. Some Limit Theorems for the heights of Random  Walks on a Spider. (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P.
Revesz) Journal of Theoretical Probability.}29 (2016) p. 1685-1709

 90.  About the distance between random walkers on some graphs (with E. Csaki and P. Revesz) Periodica Math. Hung. (2017) 75 (1) 36-57

91 Limit theorems for local and occupation times of random walks  and Brownian motion on a spider. (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P.
Revesz)  Journal of Probability Theory (2019) 32 (1) 330-352

 92 Two-dimensional anisotropic random walks: fixed versus random column configurations for transport
phenomena (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P. Revesz)   Journal of Statistical Physics. (2018) 171 (5) 822-841

 93 Random walks on comb-type subsets of $Z^2$ (with E. Csaki ) Journal of Theoretical Probability  33 (2020), no. 4, 2233–2257

94 On the local time of the Half- Plane Half-Comb walk.  (with E. Csaki ) Journal of Theoretical Probability to appear.

Contact Information

Office: Building 1S Room 206
Fax: 718.982.3631