I have been working in probability theory and mathematical statistics since 1969. My main field of activity,  nonparametric statistics,  the investigation of the Brownian motion, random walk, their local time, additive functionals and anisotropic walks. Most of my results are strong theorems (that is to say almost sure results), and many are in the field of strong approximation.


Mathematics 1969  Eotvos University, Budapest

PhD 1971, Eotvos University, Budapest

Candidate Degree 1981, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Scholarship / Publications

(in the last 5 years):

72. Transient Nearest Neighbor random Walk on the Line.(2009) Journal of Theoretical Probability. 22  100-122. (with E. Csaki and P. Revesz)

73. Random Walk  Local Time Approximated by a Wiener Sheet combined with  an independent Brownian Motion. (2009) Annals de l'IHP 45 515-544 (with E. Csaki, M. Csörgö, P. Révész)

74. Transient Nearest Neighbor Random Walk and Bessel Process. (2009)
Journal of Theoretical Probability. 22 992-1009 (with E. Csaki and P. Revesz)  

75. On the Number of Cutpoints of the Transient Nearest Neighbor Random Walk  on the Line (2010) Journal of Theoretical Probability 2  624-638
(with E. Csaki and P. Revesz)  

76. Strong limit theorems for a simple random walk on the 2-dimensional comb (2009)
Electronic Journal of Probability (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P. Revesz) 82  2371-2390

77. On the supremum of iterated local time (2010) Publicationes Mathematicae
Debrecen 76 255-270 (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P. Revesz)

78. We like to walk on the comb. (2010)  Periodica Mathematica Hungarica 61.(1-2) 165-181

79. On the local time of random walk on the two-dimensional comb. (2011) ( Stochastic Processes and Their Applications. 121 1290-1314 (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P. Revesz)

80. Strong Limit theorems for Anisotropic random walk on $Z^2$  Periodica Math. Hungar. (2013) 67 (1) 71-94 (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P. Revesz)

81. Random walk on the half-plane half-comb structure. Annals Math. and Inf. 39 (2012) 29-44. (with E. Csaki, M. Csorgo and P.Revesz)

82. Some problems and results for anisotropic random walk on the plane. (with E. Csaki,  and P. Revesz) ( To appear in the volume in Honour of Miklós Csörgo's Work at the occasion of his 80.-th birthday.

83. How tall can be the excursions of a random walk on a spider.  Probability ArXiv:1402.5682. (with  P. Revesz)