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Chwen-Yang Shew


The current research of Dr. Shew’s lab is focused on elucidation of the self-assembly structure of aggregated macroions and the role of long-range electrostatic interactions in these self-assembly processes by using theoretical approaches. The systems under investigation include intramolecular self-assembly of a giant DNA and like-charge attraction between highly charged metal oxide ions, etc. The theoretical works of Dr. Shew’s lab have been extended to understand several existing experiments, such as the spatial configuration of a histone in a chromosome, self-assembly of highly charged metal oxide nanocluters, and high efficient gene delivery systems by use of amphoteric polyions. Meanwhile, his group has successfully developed a robust simulation algorithm that can be utilized to analyze the novel spin echo small angle neutron scattering spectra, a new neutron scattering method with great potential in characterization of the complex structure of self-assembled aggregates.


Ph.D. in Chemistry, City University of New York (1995)

Scholarship and Publications

1.  X. Li; C.-Y. Shew; Y. Liu; R. Pynn; E. Liu; K. W. Herwig; Smith Gregory S.; Robertson J. Lee; Chen Wei-Ren, “Prospect for characterizing interacting soft colloidal structures using spin-echo small angle neutron scattering,” J. Chem. Phys. 134, 094504 (2011) (13 pages).

2.  C.-Y. Shew and K. Yoshikawa (Book Chapter), “Elucidation of conformational behavior of a giant DNA: Single molecular observation and theoretical modeling,” in Understanding Soft Condensed Matter via Modeling and Computations, World Scientific, Singapore, Pages 207-233 (2011).

3.  X. Li, C.-Y. Shew, Y. Liu, R. Pynn, E. Liu, K. W. Herwig, J. L. Robinson and W.-R. Chen “Theoretical studies on the structure of interacting colloidal suspensions by spin-echo small angle neutron scattering.” J. Chem. Phys. 132, 174509 (2010) (14 pages).

4.  C. Yoshihara, C.-Y. Shew, T. Ito, and Y. Koyama, “Loosening of DNA/polycation Complexes by Synthetic Polyampholyte to Improve the Transcription Efficiency” Biophys. J. 98, 1257-66 (2010)

5.  C.-Y. Shew and W.-R. Chen, “A Monte Carlo algorithm for computing SESANS correlation functions in real space: Hard sphere liquids,” J. Chem. Phys. 132, 044906 (2010) (9 pages).

6.  A. Khoo*, T. Iwaki, C.-Y. Shew, and K. Yoshikawa, “Preferential Position of a Particle Bound to a Polymer: Exact Enumeration of a Self-avoiding Walk Chain Model,” J. Chem. Phys. 131, 104904 (2009) (9 pages).


Contact Information

Office: Building 6S Room 242
Fax: 718.982.3910