Professor Seck’s scholarship focuses on the literature and anthropology of Africa and the African Diaspora. Her work is at the intersection of culture and economics with a special emphasis on postcolonial studies, economic theory, cultural studies and diaspora studies. Her current book-length project explores the influence of postcolonial neoliberal reforms on the Senegalese social fabric through the examination of both cultural production and cultural practice. She outlines methodologies for studying economic processes through fiction and examines the impact of economic thought on social imaginaries.


Ph.D. Stanford University

M.A. The University of Georgia

M.A  Université Jean Moulin Lyon III

B.A  Université Jean Moulin Lyon III

Scholarship / Publications

“Goorgoorlou, the neoliberal homo senegalensis comics and economics in postcolonial Senegal.” Journal of African Cultural Studies, (2017) Link to this article:
“Discovering Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain, Une Grande Intellectuelle Haïtienne,”
REMIX: Stanford University Libraries Newsletter 17 (2012).
Book Review: George Sylvain, Cric? Crac! Fables de la Fontaine Racontées par Montagnard Haïtien et transcrites en Vers Créoles, Journal of Haitian Studies 18:2 (2012), 283-288.