Educational philosophy
Professor Kerekes’ educational philosophy is based on a perspective that education is one of the few fields which can promote a positive change for the future. Professor Kerekes visits classrooms frequently, and she continues to collaborate with pre- and in-service students. Together they discuss their classroom needs, developing new strategies and considering how to address each child’s learning needs. The power of professional peer learning and collaboration are indeed powerful paradigms which characterize her educational philosophy and teaching style.

To serve the changing needs of the educational field, Professors Kerekes and Donoghue developed and approved a new Mathematics Concentration program.

Professor Kerekes is grateful for the opportunity to teach - from introductory to advanced math education, and from interdisciplinary to graduate research students to share her passion with them. She constructs and continues a professional relationship with previous and current students.

Professor Kerekes is the founder and the director of the Mathematics Connection Conference.  She is also a coordinator of the LEAP to Teachers Paraprofessional Program.


Ed.D. Eotvos State University (Hungary)

M.Ed. Eotvos State University (Hungary)

Scholarship / Publications

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