Prior to coming to CSI, Margaret E. Bérci, a professor of  teacher education, gained practical, philosophical and theoretical experience with the various levels of education during sixteen years of teaching in Alberta, the Canadian province that has been a leader in education reform in the Social Studies. Her courses at CSI use the inquiry method to emphasize a full understanding of the philosophical foundations and the concepts of pedagogic excellence in teaching and learning within the K-12 Social Studies curriculum. The objective of her courses is to develop exemplary teachers of the Social Studies who can inspire the Problem Based Inquiry disposition in their own students and guide them to develop democratic decision making skills.


BEd, University of Calgary (Canada)

MA, Universtiy of Calgary (Canada)

PhD, University of Calgary (Canada)

Scholarship / Publications

Dr. Bérci’s research is focused on examining the philosophical foundations of self-knowledge as it relates to the educator. She observes, describes, interprets and reports in the traditions of the hermeneutical phenomenological research paradigm, how students think; searches for practical strategies to develop teacher identity and self knowledge; and records how such knowledge aids in the overall effectiveness of the Social Studies educator. She is a Collingwoodian scholar who actively applies a unique interpretation of the British philosopher’s work, to guide her research and publication agenda.