Natalie Batmanian


I am a behavioral scientist with expertise in language learning and broadening participation in higher education, STEM disciplines in particular. I studied and served in public higher education institutions, including Hunter College, CUNY, and Rutgers University, in teaching and administrative roles. I am very excited to join the CSI community in my new role as lecturer.


Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Rutgers University

M.S. in Cognitive Psychology, Rutgers University

B.A. in Psychology and Honors Program, Hunter College, CUNY

Scholarship and Publications

Batmanian, N. & Stromswold, K.  (2020).  Word order rules: Parsing sentences in a “free” word order language.  University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol: 26, Iss.1, Article 5.

Batmanian, N. & Stromswold, K.  (2019). The relative importance of word order and case-marking in spoken Turkish. Eastern Psychological Association Conference. New York City, NY.

Batmanian, N. & Stromswold, K. (2017). Getting to the root of the matter. In L. Gleitman, & R. de Almeida (Eds.), On Concepts, Modules, and Language: Cognitive Science. Pp. 169-190.Oxford University Press, NY: NY.

Batmanian, N. & Gonzalez Y. (2016, October). Creating University-wide programs to expand developmental networks. Paper presented at the University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference. Santa Fe, NM.

​​Batmanian, N., Sayehli, S. & Valian, V. (2008, September). Inclusion of auxiliaries: Competence and performance differences in early learners. In Roberts, L., Myles, F. & David, A. (Eds.) EUROSLA Yearbook (pp. 215-234), 8. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

  • Cognitive Psychology (PSY 288)
  • Experimental Psychology: Cognition and Perception (PSY 330)



Natalie Batmanian, PhD

Contact Information

Office: Building 4S Room 234
Office Hours
  • Tuesdays: 2 to 4 pm
  • Thursdays: 4:30 to 5:30 pm