My research work focuses on the social and economic history of late imperial China, particularly in regard to people who did not belong to the elite. Since 1998, I have been at The College of Staten Island, CUNY where I teach courses on East Asian History, mainly China and Japan, as well as a course on world history.


Columbia University, Ph.D., 1987

SUNY Binghamton, B.A., 1974

Scholarship / Publications

“Cherishing the People and Enriching the Dynasty: Officials and Non-Elite Petitioners in Late Ming Jiangnan,” Ming Studies, 2013; “Minding the Minders: Overseeing the Brokerage System in Qing China,” Late Imperial China, 2013; Honorable Merchants: Self-Cultivation and Commerce in Late Imperial China, 1997; The Sources of Chinese Tradition, Vol. II, coeditor, 2000.