Dr. Gertner has more than 35 years of academic and professional experience in Marketing. Her professional experience includes positions as product manager and as marketing research analyst in multinational corporations such as Johnson Wax. In addition, she has extensive consulting experience for numerous Brazilian and American corporations such as Xerox and Petrobras. As a scholar, Dr. Gertner has taught graduate and undergraduate marketing courses and chaired programs in several universities in Brazil. Before joining CSI, Dr. Gertner served as a Visiting Scholar at Pace University in New York. She has authored and co-authored several articles published in conference proceedings and in journals such as Journal of Global Marketing and Journal of International Business Studies. Her research interests are in the fields of International Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Place Marketing and Product Development. Gertner has written in both Portuguese and English.


D.Sc., Federal University of Rio Janeiro,Brazil

M.Sc., Northwestern University, USA

MBA, The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business, Brazil

BS, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Scholarship / Publications

Dr. Gertner’s recent publications include:

Gertner, Rosane and Freire, João. “Impact of Place Brand Names on Destination Image”. (2018) International Journal of Tourism Research. Vol 6 (1)

Gertner, Rosane. “Place Branding: Analysis of Place Advertisement to Attract Business Investments”. (2014) Journal of Marketing Perspectives, Vol 2, 26-42

Gertner, Rosane. “The Impact of Language and Distance on Decisions Regarding Tourism or Study Abroad Program Destinations.” (2013) Academy of Business Research Journal, Vol 2.

Gertner, Rosane. “Nation Brand Personalit: Students’ Perceptions of Tourism and Study Abroad Destinations”. (2011) “International Review of Business Research Papers,” Vol 7, Issue 6.

Gertner, Rosane. “The Impact of Country Attributes on Study Abroad Program and Tourism Destination Purchasing Decisions”. (2011) Review of Business Research, Vol 11, Issue 1.

Gertner, Rosane. “Study Abroad Programs: Similarities and Differences of
Country Images as Tourist and Study Destinations.” (2010)  Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, Vol 27, Issue 4, pages 1-13.