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Roslyn Bologh


Professor Bologh was recruited to come to the College of Staten Island from St. John's University where she was a tenured faculty member.  She is a full professor at the College and member of the Graduate Faculty in the Doctoral Program in Sociology at the Graduate Center, CUNY.  She has served as Coordinator of the Sociology/Anthropology program at CSI, and as acting director of the Women’s Studies Program at the Graduate Center.  She has served as chair of more than 10 doctoral dissertation committees. Her academic interests are currently in the areas of classical sociological theory and political economy, both contemporary and historical.  She has been an active member of the American Sociological Association.  Her scholarship is recognized both nationally and internationally.  Her second book won the annual book award from the Humanist Sociology Association.  She has been on the editorial boards of many academic journals including Critical Sociology; Gender, Work and Organizations; Classical Sociology; and Critique of Political Economy. She has been an invited speaker at Universities both inside and outside of the United States.


BA, Hunter College

PhD, CUNY Graduate Center

Scholarship and Publications

Professor Bologh has published two books, Dialectical Phenomenology, Marx’s Method and Love or Greatness, Max Weber and Masculine Thinking, A Feminist Inquiry.  In addition she has published more than 20 articles in scholarly journals and books.


Contact Information

Office: Building 4S Room 208
Fax: 718.982.3794