All cells require a membrane to separate them from their neighboring cells or the environment. While this compartmentalization is essential for life and its processes, it also poses problems: Not only do chemicals need to cross the barrier to get in and out of the cell, but communication also needs to take place between the cell and its environment. These transport and communication tasks are being carried out by proteins in the membrane that form transporters, pores, channels and signal transducers.

Research in Dr. Poget’s lab focuses on understanding a few of these membrane proteins and their function on an atomic level of structural detail. We employ nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and a range of ancillary biophysical techniques to study these proteins. While the main focus in the lab is on understanding the biological systems under study, significant effort is also devoted to developing the NMR methodology to tackle these questions.


Ph.D in Chemsitry, University of Cambridge, UK (2001)

Diploma in Chemistry, University of Basel, Switzerland (1997)

Scholarship / Publications

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