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William L'Amoreaux


Neonatal hypoglycemia is characterized by hyperinsulinemia, which contributes to not only hypoglycemia but also seizures.  In collaboration with Dr. Abdeslem El Idrissi, we have shown that neonatal hypertaurinemia contributes to seizures, but also to increased beta cell mass.  The mechanism through which seizures present is related to an alteration in the GABAergic signaling system in the brain.  My laboratory has shown that this neonatal hypertaurinemia also increases the number and size of pancreatic islets during development.  Using cell culture and animal models, we propose that neonatal hypertaurinemia may contribute to neonatal hypoglycemia through interference with the neuronal GABAergic system, increased beta cell mass through reduction of developmentally-regulated apoptosis in the pancrease, and subsequent hyperinsulinemia.


PhD, University of Memphis

MS, Memphis State University

BS, Arkansas State University

Post-doc University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

Scholarship and Publications

Punia K, Bucaro M, Mancuso A, Cuttitta C, Marsillo A, Bykov A, L’Amoreaux W, Raja K (2016) Rediscovering Chemical Gardens: Self-assembling Cytocompatible Protein-Intercalated Silicate-Phosphate Sponge-Mimetic Tubules. Langmuir. 30:8748-8758 (cover article)

Averick A, Dolai, S, Punia A, Punia K, Guariglia SR, L’Amoreaux W, Hong K, Raja KS (2016) Green Anchors: Chelating Properties of ATRP-Click Curcumin-Polymer Conjugates.Reactive and Functional Polymers. 102:47-52

El Idrissi A, Sidime F, Tantawy O, Obeyskera D, Wisidagama A, Tariq S, Jmukadze I, L’Amoreaux WJ (2015) Taurine supplementation induces hyperinsulinemia and neuronal hyperexcitability remodeling. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 803:425-423.

El Idrissi A, Shen C-H, L’Amoreaux WJ (2013) Neuroprotective role of taurine during aging. Amino Acids 45 (4):735-750. (Invited review). Erratum in Amino Acids 46 (1): 123.

Cuttitta CM, Guariglia SR, El Idrissi A, L’Amoreaux WJ (2013) Taurine’s effects on the neuroendocrine functions of pancreatic β-cells. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 775:299-310.

Santora A, Neuwirth LS, L’Amoreaux WJ, El Idrissi (2013) The effects of chronic taurine supplementation on motor learning. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 775:177-185.

El Idrissi A, Yan X, L'Amoreaux W, Brown WT, Dobkin C (2012) Neuroendocrine alterations in the fragile X mouse. Results and problems in cell differentiation 54:201-21.

Seebaugh DR, Wallace WG, L’Amoreaux WJ, Stewart GM (2012) Assimilation of elements and digestion in grass shrimp pre-exposed to dietary mercury. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (in press).

Seebaugh DR, Wallace WG, L'Amoreaux WJ, Stewart GM (2012) Carbon assimilation and digestive toxicity in naive grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) exposed to dietary cadmium. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 88:449-55.

Seebaugh DR, L’Amoreaux WJ, Wallace WG (2011) Digestive toxicity in grass shrimp collected along an impact gradient. Aquatic Toxicology 105:609 - 617.

BIO 150/160 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II

BIO 170/171/180/181 General Biology I and II

BIO 205 General Physiology

BIO 240 Biology of Disease

BIO 318 Histology

BIO 352 Cell Biology

BIO 365 Principles of Neurobiology

Topics in Biology of Cancer

BIO 443 Scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis

BIO 454 Advanced Methods in Cell Biology

BIO 506 Topics in Cell Signaling

BIO 740 Advanced Microscopy (graduate course in MS in Biology)

NSM 705 Journal Seminar (graduate course in MS in Neuroscience)

Professor William L'Amoreaux

Contact Information

Office: Building 6S Room 111
Fax: 718.982.3852

Mondays 9-12