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The metropolis of Thessaloniki has a population of over a million and is the biggest city in the northern part of Greece. It is built by Thermaïkos and Strymonikos Gulf, on fertile grounds resting beside the Rivers of Axios, Gallikos and Loudias, as well as the lakes Koroneia and Volvi.

Findings prove that Thessaloniki has been inhabited since prehistoric times, marked by multiculturalism, yet its present day modernized state is charmingly intertwined with archaeological sites, byzantine churches and other significant monuments from the past.

Thessaloniki is a busy, bustling city at all times of the day but especially at night when it becomes brighter and colorful.

Arts and Sciences at the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece


Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, sits on the shores of the Thermaikos Gulf in the northeast and is framed by its own acropolis. On a clear day, a glimpse from the acropolis or from the old Anatolia campus offers a breathtaking view of Mount Olympus. The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), adjoining the old Anatolia College campus overlooking the city, hosts both a summer and a semester program. ACT is an independent, non-profit liberal arts college that offers programs in the arts, sciences, and business administration. Summer students may take one or two 3 credit courses. Semester students enroll in programs ranging from 12 to 21 credits.  Students may also join in Community Service-Volunteer and Internship Opportunities. Students enjoy club activities, field trip opportunities, and individualized attention offered by the excellent faculty and staff. 

Information Sheet
Advisor Gonzalo Villena
Advisor Email
Minimum GPA 2.5
Class Standing 1 Freshman, 2 Sophomore, 3 Junior, 4 Senior
Min Required Number of College Credits Completed in Order to Apply 12
Language of Instruction English, Greek
Areas of Study Anthropology, Art, Art History, Arts, Business, Business Information Systems, Classical Studies, Communication, Computer Science, Culture, Economics, European Studies, Film, Greek, History, Humanities, International Business, International Relations, International Studies, Internships, Liberal Arts, Literature, Management, Marketing, Mathematics/Statistics, Music, Other Language & Literature, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science, Psychology, Service Learning, Social Policy & Administration
Housing Option Apartment
Program Open to CSI Students, Non-CUNY Students, Other CUNY Students



No previous knowledge of Greek is required to participate in the program. Students may take additional courses for an additional cost. Students in 12-21 credit terms are required to take a course in Greek appropriate to their level of knowledge at entrance and take one Greek civilization and culture course as part of their semester course selection. Students may then take all other courses up to 12 credits (or 18 or 21 credits, depending on the session they attend) in a wide variety of subjects including accounting, anthropology, art history, computer science, economics, English, European Studies, finance, history, international relations, management, marketing, mathematics, music, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology.  Please contact the program advisor at CSI for the correct program cost if you intend to take more than 12 credits.  In that case, the programs costs below do not apply.

Course Offerings

The American College of Thessaloniki offers programs of study in the arts and sciences, and in business administration. All coursework is taught in English, and no prior study or knowledge of Greek language is required.

Course offerings are in a wide array of disciplines and include Accounting, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, English, European Studies, Finance, Greek language, History, Humanities, Management, Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science/Sociology and Statistics.

We recommend that students who are taking at least 12 credits take a Greek language class that is appropriate to their level. Students who demonstrate Greek fluency are not required to take Greek language. In addition, students in all sessions (except for Summer and Spring II sessions) are required to take one course from an approved list of Greek civilization and culture courses as part of their semester course load.

Students then choose other courses from the schedule of classes for total number of credits by session as below:
    Fall and Spring I: 12-15 credits
    Spring II: 6 credits
    Spring I & II: 18-21 credits
    Spring II & Summer: 12-15 credits
    Summer: 3 or 6 credits

Students may take additional credits above what is shown above after approval by paying The American College of Thessaloniki additional tuition per credit.

To see the Current Tentative Course Offerings for all current terms, please click to the ACT web site for courses offered.

Please know the only summer course that is not offered for academic credit at the College of Staten Island is - Sea Sail 101: Introduction to Sea Sailing.


Housing is in comfortably furnished single or double studios (with private baths and kitchenettes) in apartment complexes located in nice neighborhoods in the city’s center. Students are responsible for their own meals. Students often eat on campus, in cafes, and by shopping and preparing meals in their residences.  See photos of student housing on the ACT site here.


Students are introduced to life in Thessaloniki through a thorough Orientation program and will enjoy a mid-session 2-3 day hosted field trip to one of the nearby Greek islands or other historic destination to relax and reflect. Numerous cultural events, exceptional and varied cuisine, exciting night-life, outstanding museums, and astonishing examples of Roman and Byzantine architecture and history will keep you engaged. In fact, you can literally walk in the footsteps of Phillip, Alexander the Great, and Saint Paul.   Semester field trips are more numerous and extensive than summer field trips.  ACT’s Summer Study Abroad Program allows students to travel before or after the summer session, using Thessaloniki as their gateway to the rest of Greece, Europe, or even the Middle East.


Second semester college freshman who have at least 12 completed credits & up may apply.  2.5 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale required. No Greek language ability required.  Courses taught in English.

12-18 credits for semester and 3 or 6 credits for summer.

Dates & Costs

Please note all dates and costs are subject to change. 

NOTE - Non-CUNY & CUNY Non-New York State Resident students who plan to take more than 12 credits please contact the program study abroad advisor to confirm program cost.  The program costs below may not apply.

Spring 2024

  • Spring I: arrive January 4 - depart April 8
  • Spring II: arrive April 5 - depart June 12
  • Spring I & II: arrive January 4 - depart June 12
  • Spring II & Summer: arrive April 5 - depart July 20         
  • Spring I: $13,880   (12-15 credits)
  • Spring II: $8,320   (6 credits)
  • Spring I & II: $18,870   (18-21 credits)
  • Spring II & Summer: $13,880   (12-15 credits)           
  Summer 2024
  •   arrive June 13 – depart July 20
  • $5,410  (3 credits)
  • $6,890  (6 credits)    
  Fall 2024  
  •  arrive mid-September - depart late December
  •   $13,880 (12-15 credits)       

*A non-refundable deposit ($800 for Semester and $500 for Summer) is due within two weeks of acceptance. This deposit is applied toward the program cost and paid to the College of Staten Island. 


Program cost includes: tuition (for 3 or 6 credits), fees, housing (double), field trips, pre-departure & on-site orientations, sickness & accident insurance.  Students through CSI/CCIS do not have pay the ACT housing security deposit.

Additional Costs: Airfare ($1,000-1,400), Books ($65-185), meals ($400-600), Personal expenses ($250-600), Single Room Supplemental fee ($410 for summer 2023).  Credits beyond the amount listed may be paid direct to ACT at $340 / credit.


Program cost includes: tuition (credits vary by session as below*), fees, housing (double), ACT Housing Security Deposit, field trips, pre-departure & on-site orientations, sickness & accident insurance.  Students through CSI/CCIS do not have pay the ACT housing security deposit.

Credits included in tuition for each session:
    Fall and Spring I: 12-15 credits
    Spring II: 6 credits
    Spring I & II: 18-21 credits
    Spring II & Summer: 12-15 credits

Additional estimated costs:  airfare ($1000-1400), books ($230-350), meals ($400-600 per month), personal ($250-600 per month), visa (about $100, US students need if stay is more than 90 days), Resident permit (about $385, plus $435 deposit that can be fully recouped), Single Room Supplemental fee (Fall 2022 or Spring I 2023 - $520 Spring II 2023 - $310; Spring I & II 2023 - $740; Spring II & Summer 2023: $520).  Credits beyond the amount listed may be paid direct to ACT at $340 / credit.


Application Deadlines:

  • Summer: March 15
  • Fall: March 15
  • Spring I: October 15  (November 5 for students who will not need a visa)
  • Spring I and II: October 1
  • Spring II: December 20
  • Spring II and Summer: December 20

Application Deadlines may be extended.

ACT Semester Scholarships in Greece

When: Spring 2024 / Fall 2024 Semesters
Scholarships for semester students taking 12 or more credits:

Deadline for Spring I 2024 students to apply: mid-October, 2023
Deadline for Fall 2024 students to apply: mid-May, 2024

Contact the program advisor at CSI for details on how to apply for scholarships.