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With its unique fusion of cultures, breathtaking scenery, diverse cuisine, exciting city life and well-developed hospitality industry, Taiwan is an ideal destination for many types of travelers. 

In addition to about 1,100 kilometers of conventional railway lines, Taiwan has a 350-km high-speed rail system along its west coast. The high-speed trains allow travel between Taipei and Kaohsiung in 94 minutes. These two cities and the northern metropolis of Taoyuan are also equipped with state-of-the-art mass rapid transit systems.


Taichung City

Summer 2024 Study Abroad in Taiwan will be held in the National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) at Taichung City. Taichung City is a major city in central Taiwan and the third largest city on the island. Taichung is a major economic and cultural center in Taiwan, with a thriving arts and entertainment scene and a solid industrial foundation. The city is well-known for its lovely parks and gardens, as well as numerous temples and historic sites.

NCHU is one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan. It was founded by the Japanese in Taipei in 1919, and it was relocated to Taichung in 1943. In 1961, it merged with the College of Science and Engineering on the same Taichung campus and the College of Law and Business founded in Taipei in 1949, to become Taiwan Provincial Chung Hsing University. The University continued to grow in size, and in 1971 it became a national university, and took its present name: National Chung Hsing University.

Life Sciences in Taiwan - Sustainability and the Impact of Climate Change

  • Please know this program is planned to be offered in Summer 2024.
  • This course can be transferred back to CSI -or your home school- as a 4 credits gen Ed course [(RCLP 1000 or SCSW 1000) 3 credits and COPT 1000 1 credits] or a BIO 399 elective course


Life Sciences in Taiwan - Sustainability and the Impact of Climate Change

This CSI faculty-led course will explore sustainability and climate change impact on biology and life sciences in the Taiwan setting.  Taiwan is a sub-tropical island, and it is known for its diverse ecology and richness in biodiversity.  It has modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts and dramatic mountainous terrain. Taichung City is a major city on the west side of central Taiwan and the third largest city on the island with 2.81 million. This biology program will be based for 15 of the 23 days in Taichung, at the National Chung-Hsing University (NCHU), situated in this spectacular and beautiful city. 

This program is planned to run in Summer 2024 (approximately July 27-August 18).  Students will also stay 7 nights in other locations in Taiwan on a study tour around the island from Taipei to Kenting including, but not limited to, a cultural trip in Taipei, a field trip to Taiwan Forestry Research Institute / Herbarium in Yilan, Taroko National Park in Hualien, Organic Village in Taitung, Kenting National Park in Kenting and many other places.

NOTE - Please know that the dates, costs, and program for Summer 2025 will be very similar to what is now posted.  We will update this info as it becomes available.

Students will eat very well - and very cheaply - in Taiwan. The restaurants may not look posh, but the quality of the food is superlative. And there’s a huge variety of restaurants – which include great Indian, Japanese and even Italian options - and a tradition of great outdoor food markets and night markets which have local Taiwanese specialties and regional cuisines from all over China.  Just make sure to leave some room for snacks -street-vendor food here is addictive.  The food street in Hualien that goes from the railway station to main gate of the university, boasts lots of inexpensive food eateries frequented by students.

Information sheet
Faculty Leader Chang-Hui Shen
Faculty Leader Email
Advisor Gonzalo Villena
Advisor Email
Minimum GPA 2.5
Class Standing 2 Sophomore, 3 Junior, 4 Senior, 5 Graduate, 6 Non-Matriculated
Min Required Number of College Credits Completed in Order to Apply 12
Language of Instruction English
Areas of Study Biology, Botany, Sciences
Housing Option Dorm, Hotel
Program Open to CSI Students, Non-CUNY Students, Other CUNY Students


Life Sciences in Taiwan - Sustainability and climate change impact, is a Special Topics general education/biology course that introduces students to sustainability and the impact of climate change in Taiwan.  In this intensive 3-week program, students will study basic principles of sustainability, conservation biology, ecology and organic agriculture through examples that are found in the local setting.  Students will learn rich ecological diversity, marine biology, tropical plant biology and animal science examples that are found in Taiwan.  NCHU faculty members will give lectures and lab exercises.  For detail, please contact Dr. Chang-Hui Shen, (, Chairperson of the Biology Department at the College of Staten Island. 

Students will demonstrate the ability to use information technology to communicate and access life sciences information. Students study how to apply the scientific method to form hypotheses, predict outcomes, analyze results and refine conclusions, how to correlate and integrate the knowledge of structure and function of ecology to explain the adaptation and evolution of diverse organisms, study the ecosystem and marine biology and unique life sciences in Taiwan.  The program will be both classroom and on-site based and will include local and national study trips as well as educational and cultural activities. The tentative syllabus is: 2024 Syllabus Taiwan.



Participants will be staying at the NCHU dormitory for 16 nights (2 persons/room, some breakfast included) and at guest houses and hotels for 7 nights on during the round the Taiwan Island study tour.  Students will eat meals in local cafes and outdoor food markets when not eating in the school cafeteria.



Many field trips, tours, and excursions will give students a great first-hand view of the local ecology and life sciences in Taiwan and include:

Itinerary - Summer 2024

Date Program
  • Arrival in Taiwan
  • Arrival at host university
  • Campus tour
  • Going around Taichung City
  • Orientation & class (AM)
  • Class (PM)
  • Class (AM & PM)
7/31 to 8/2
  • Class (AM & PM)
  • Class (AM)
  • Excursion
  • Going around Taichung City
  • Excursions in Taipei
  • Field trip in Yilan
  • Field trip in Hualien
  • Class (AM & PM) in Hualien
  • Field trip in Taitung
  • Class in Taitung
  • Field trip in Kenting
  • Free day in Kenting
8/12 to 8/14
  • Class (AM & PM) at host institution
  • Reflection on program
  • Final Report and Group Discussion
  • Student Research Project Discussion
  • Travel to NY

Detailed itinerary here.

Here are some videos you may be interested in seeing:


Taiwan- a small island that is big on diversity

Taiwan - The Heart Of Asia

What Is Taiwan All About? (In 3-Minutes)

Taichung, Taiwan

NCHU Introduction


Open to CUNY and non-CUNY students.  Minimum 2.5 GPA required.  Minimum 12 completed credits at the time of application. 

Dates & Costs

Please note all dates and costs are subject to change.

  • Summer 2025 dates and costs will be similar to those below.
Term Dates Program cost
Summer 2024
  • Arrive: July 27
  • Depart: August 18
   $ 2,600

A $500 nonrefundable program deposit is due two weeks after acceptance.  This deposit will be applied to the program cost paid to CSI.

Program Cost includes:
Class space and class materials provided by NCHU. On-site program instruction and activities, airport pick-up, housing at NCHU (Taichung, double occupancy) with 6 lunches. Excursions, field trips, hotels, some meals: 8 days including Taipei, Hualien, Taitung, Ilan, and Pingtung, local and domestic administration, international medical and accident insurance, and orientations. 

Program Cost does NOT include:
Airfare $2,000, airport drop-off, some meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) $300, Personal Expenses $100-$200, passport (US passport is $145). Local food: $2-3 for breakfast; $3-5 for dinner.

Application Deadlines:
Summer: March 15