• Advise on strategies to foster a college-wide approach to implement a successful distance learning environment that will leverage existing resources. 
  • Draw on experience and guidance from faculty who successfully engaged in online teaching, thereby assisting CSI in developing and implementing a college-wide culture of best practices in online pedagogy, instructional technology and design principles. 
  • Advise on complementing, reinforcing and propagating training initiatives
  • Make recommendations on ensuring standards of academic quality in distance learning environments.


Faculty Peer Advisors OLI/FC
Work with Faculty in the development and design of online courses using Online Template Work with mentors and advise on strategies to foster a college-wide approach to implementing a successful distance learning environment Provide additional support to faculty mentors and address questions
Address technology questions and provide recommendations based on best practice Work with Chairs and Deans in order to assign faculty to mentors; create communities of practice  Provide guidance on instructional design best practices

Provide access to resources for additional assistance

  • Online Tutorials and documentation
  • Distance Learning Website
  • Course offerings available via Faculty Center and Information Technology
Provide guidance and oversee process in order to prepare for fall semester online offerings  

Role Members

Faculty Peer Advisors

  • Karen Arca Contreras
  • Alan Benimoff
  • William Bernhard
  • Mary Boland
  • Marta Cabral
  • Abhijit Champanerkar
  • Orit Gruber
  • Christina Hagedorn
  • Mayra Humphreys
  • Susan Imberman
  • Shi Jin
  • Patricia Kahn
  • Catherine Lavender
  • JeanneRachel Leroux
  • Anat NivSolomon
  • Faiza Peetz
  • Ralf Peetz 
  • George Vachadze


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