There are many benefits to teaching and learning online. Online courses increase access to education for many students by providing a flexible approach to teaching and learning. Students may learn at their own pace and access course materials off campus. There are many digital technologies that facilitate effective online learning environments.

Online Learning Initiatives

We had a successful Fall 2019 pilot working with three faculty in support of their course development for the Spring 2020 semester. Professor George Vachadze comments:

Even as online education is taking off, most of the faculty members continue to fear that the record-high number of students taking those classes are receiving an inferior experience to what can be delivered in the classroom. Overcoming the skepticism will, of course, require a clear basis of regulation and maintenance of standards for all online courses and programs.

This new hybrid/online course initiative offered at CSI allowed me to work with technology and course design experts who not only enhanced my course design and delivery methods but also validated the idea that my course has merit and it provides the value to our students. I hope this program will continue in the coming semesters so that I can have an opportunity to innovate in that area.
Interested faculty should contact 


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Why Teach Online

  • An Introduction to Teaching Online or Hybrid 
  • Key Differences between Teaching Modalities
  • Flexibility in Time and Place


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Online Course Development Steps

  • Designing a Student-Friendly Course
  • CSI Course Template
  • Course Development Guidelines & Timeline
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Essential Online Course Components

  • Presenting Course Content
  • Fostering an Online Learning Community
  • Engaging Online Activities, Effective Online Assessment
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Online Teaching Tips

  • Before the Course Starts
  • During the First Week of the Course
  • Ongoing Throughout the Semester


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Online Teaching Technologies

  • Blackboard 
  • Multimedia Tools   
  • Microsoft 365
  • Dropbox