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History Jobs

So you want to be a social studies teacher

The most effective route to becoming a certified teacher in New York is to complete the BA in History combined with the Adolescent Education Sequence (Grades 7-12).  This is an approved teacher preparation program by the New York State Department of Education that meets all coursework requirements that lead to an initial classroom teaching certificate.

This program provides students with the required semester hours of general liberal arts and sciences courses needed.  These courses are the standard general requirements that all students be required to take when coming to the College of Staten Island.  

In addition to the general requirements, this program provides the required semester hours of the social studies content courses needed to teach this discipline.  The semester hours focus on content that includes U.S. History, World History, Government, Economics, and Geography.  These areas give all students in this program wide exposure that covers all content areas taught in social studies grades 7-12.

This program will cover the required pedagogical semester hours, which is outlined in the adolescent education sequence portion of this program.  The semester hours in this sequence will focus on the foundations of education, curriculum, instruction, assessment, teaching literacy skills, human development, learning, special needs, and students with disabilities.  

To obtain entry into the pedagogical component of this program, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, as well as and at least 9 credits in the major, to enroll in introductory (foundations) education courses (EDS 201, EDS 202) at the start of their junior year.  All students apply for admission to an educational sequence while enrolled in one of the 200-level foundations courses.  More information can be obtained by following this document from the School of Education.

Finally, this program will also prepare students to take the New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE), which are the exams needed to finalize all requirements to be granted an initial classroom teaching certificate.  The exams needed for secondary education social studies will be the edTPA, Education All Students (EAS), and the Content Specialty Test (CST).

Once the initial classroom teaching certificate is issued by New York State, it is valid for 5 years.  Upon completion of the 5 years, teachers must progress from an initial to professional teaching certificate.  Failure to progress by the 5-year limit could result in New York State revoking the teacher’s classroom teaching certificate.  

To obtain a professional teaching certificate, the teacher must complete a master’s degree with 12 graduate semester hours focused on social studies content.  The most effective program for this is the MA program in History.  It will provide all requirements that will ensure all teachers will be able to progress to the professional certificate in the content area of social studies.

So you want to be a social studies teacher but didn’t enroll in the adolescence education sequence as a history undergrad

For students that did not enroll in the adolescent education sequence early on in their college experience, there is still a path to become a secondary education (grades 7-12) social studies teacher.  

Students that were already in the BA program in History will not only have the content knowledge to effectively teach social studies, but also will have covered all social studies content courses needed for the initial classroom teaching certificate as outlined by the New York State Department of Education.  However, students that fall into this category do not have the required pedagogical courses needed to obtain the initial classroom teaching certificate.

Doing the public history certificate alongside the MsEd will also provide the 12 graduate semester hours needed of social studies content for the professional teaching certificate. 

So you want to be an elementary school teacher and enjoy learning about history and social studies

By being a certified teacher (grades 1-6), prospective teachers will be teaching common branches with social studies being one of the content areas covered in the classroom.  As a student seeking certification in this area, the SLS major would be the appropriate path, but having history as a minor would be a valuable experience that will bring a better understanding and more of the social studies content to the grades 1-6 classroom.

Joseph Frusci, Ed.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of History,
College of Staten Island CUNY
John Marchi Hall, 2N-215
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY 1031



Students interested in pursuing the education program should begin the sequence in the fall of junior year.  While taking the first two education courses, students officially apply to the School of Education.  Eligibility requirements for acceptance into the School of Education include a 3.00 GPA and at least 9 credits in the major.  Please carefully read the general instruction for understanding the sequence of the courses in the program. EDS 200 level classes are taken before EDS 300 level classes and EDS 300 level classes are taken before EDS 400 level classes.  Pay special attention to EDS 300 level classes.  EDS 315 should be taken before EDS 301.  They cannot be taken together.  Please note that EDS 315 is ONLY offered in the Spring semester and EDS 301 is ONLY offered in the Fall semester. 
Courses                              Time Offered                         Recommended Time to Take 

EDP 220                              Winter, Spring & Summer       Sophomore year  
EDS 201                              Fall & Spring                           Fall of junior year 
EDS 202                              Fall & Sprng                            Fall of Junior year 
EDS 315                             Only in Spring                          Spring of junior year 
EDS 301                             Only in Fall                               Fall of senior year 
EDS 400                             Spring                                      Spring of senior year 
EDS 401                             Spring                                      Spring of senior year

For further information, please contact Diane Brescia, Program Administrator, School of Education