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Public History Advanced Certificate

Public History Advanced Certificate

What is public history?

History made practical

Public historians bring history to general audiences outside of academia. Working in museums, archives, archaeological sites, media organizations, corporations, government bodies, community groups, and many other places, public historians undertake wide-ranging professional activities that include museum curating, oral interviewing, archival collection, documentary making, and historical preservation.

This advanced certificate program prepares graduate students for successful and rewarding careers in public history.  Students enrolled in this program improve their academic expertise, enhance their historical knowledge, and learn professional skills and methods. Additionally, they gain invaluable practical experience working at one of the many cultural institutions, museums, archives, and historic sites in New York City through our internship program.

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Contact Information

Susan Smith-Peter

Advanced Certificate in Public History Coordinator, and Professor

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Office of Recruitment and Admissions

Graduate Admissions

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The Public History Advanced Certificate and the History MA

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It is designed for persons who want to commence or advance a career in public history and who already possess a BA degree in History or a related subject. The certificate can be taken by itself or in conjunction with the MA in History degree at CSI; students seeking to obtain the MA and Public History certificate simultaneously need to complete 36 credits in total.  The classes are all offered in the evening and are often online.  The program is designed with the needs of adult professionals in mind and will help you to achieve your goals.

The curriculum for the Advanced Certificate in Public History consists of five 4-credit courses:

Core courses:

Specialist Courses (choose two)