Mission Statement


Our mission is to offer a rigorous, comprehensive, and experience-based business education to foster intellectual growth, inspire social responsibility, and enhance career advancement of students from culturally and academically diverse backgrounds.  

Through our high-quality undergraduate programs and expanding graduate offerings, we enable our students to become critical and analytical thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators and collaborative team members who contribute to Staten Island, New York City, the region, and the global community.  

Our School's dedication to teaching excellence is supported by a strong commitment to research and scholarship, which advances business knowledge and contributes to the academic community.

We fulfill our mission through:

  • Collaborating…Incorporating a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation and utilizing the vast intellectual resources of our campus and The City University of New York
  • Continuously Improving…  Assessing, evaluating, and promoting experimentation, innovation and informed changes in our curriculum, programs and use of instructional technology
  • Providing opportunities for student leadership development
  • Emphasizing experiential and applied learning
  • Engaging with and demonstrating commitment to our local and professional communities and constituent groups
  • Inculcating global citizenry and knowledge


To support and uphold the College’s initiatives focused on social mobility and opportunity for our students

To be known for high quality business education that builds upon a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation, while emphasizing academic rigor, experience-based learning, and social responsibility

To continue to increase our presence, recognition, and reputation throughout our many constituent communities

To leverage our location in the dynamic New York Metropolitan region

To be a resource for the Borough of Staten Island, City of New York, and beyond in terms of problem-solving, workforce development, and information resources that enhance quality of life


Excellence:  Encourage the highest standards in all student, faculty, and staff endeavors and initiatives

Ethical Behavior and Integrity:  Expect all members of our extended community to uphold ethical conduct

Professionalism:  Promote appropriate professional behavior among members in our community

Diversity and Inclusion:  Embrace and nurture the diversity in our population

Supportive Community:  Foster the formation of bonds between students, faculty, staff, and alumni to maintain a personalized learning environment

Resource Stewardship:  Strive to utilize sound judgment, data-informed decision-making, and responsible planning with regard to resources