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Con Edison Trading Room

Dedicated in April 2018 after a development phase of several years, the Con Edison Trading Room is a state of the art experiential learning facility designed to replicate the trading floors found in every institution throughout the financial world.  The facility gives students and faculty access to real time information and industry standard tools and applications.
When not being used for classes, the Con Edison Trading Room is available for students from all backgrounds to complete research and assignments such as the CFA Institute Research Challenge and Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification.
The Con Edison Trading Room also provides a venue for presentations by industry representatives. Bloomberg and FINRA are among the companies whose representatives have visited the Con Edison Trading Room, where they have shared their work experiences and outlined their student internship and career programs.

Con Edison Trading Room Staff

Andrew ColbeckAndrew Colbeck is the full-time technician for the Con Edison Trading Room in the Lucille and Jay Chazanoff School of Business at the College of Staten Island.  Andrew worked in various positions on Wall Street for 29 years as a broker, fixed income trader and financial advisor.  A selection of his past employers includes Eurobrokers, ICAP, Tullet-Prebon, Newedge (FIMAT), Societe Generale, Morgan Stanley.
Andrew holds a degree in Materials Science from the University of Bath in England and, prior to his career in the Finance industry, he was involved with the British Ministry of Defense working on rocket propulsion and underwater weapons.

Contact Information

Andrew Colbeck

Technician, Con Edison Trading Room

3N-107 / 3N-105
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Consisting of 30 dual-monitor workstations in a purpose-built environment that facilitates individual and group work, the Con Edison Trading Room features a stock ticker and multiple data feed displays, surrounding students with the dynamisim of the world markets.  Outside of scheduled class meetings, the room is staffed by a full-time technician with extensive Wall Street trading experience whose industry connections and insights bring invaluable insights and context to aspiring financial analysts.