Student Research Celebration


21st Annual Celebration of Student Research 2021-2022 

5:00-5:15 PM Zoom…

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The Celebration of Research conference offers New York City teachers a professional forum to exchange ideas. Our primary objectives are to provide a stimulating and supportive venue for scholarly presentations; to share/discuss educational practices; and to promote the development of skills in conducting research. The conference, which repre-sents teachers across all disciplines and grade levels, provides a meaningful vehicle for the preparation and presentation of scholarly work by students who are at the end of their graduate education. By recognizing the diverse applications of (and inquiries into) educational research represented in conference presentations, we can better learn about and serve the diverse needs of our students and schools.

Celebration of Inquiry & Research 2020-2021


Gene Fellner

Judit Kerekes

Liqing Tao

Nelly Tournaki

Vivian Shulman, Coordinator

President: Timothy G. Lynch
Provost: J. Michael Parrish
Interim Associate Provost: Dante Tawfeeq
Dean: Burnett Joiner

Department Chair, Educational Studies:

Kenneth Gold

Department Chair, Curriculum & Instruction: David Allen

The Educational Research Faculty wishes to thank those who graciously consented to read for “Best Paper Award”:

Professor Igor Arievitch

Professor Stephanie Schmier

Professor Greg Seals



Facilitator: Professor Rachel Grant


Life of a first-year Special Education Teacher: The truth

Kye Anderson & Albert Curry


The impact of social media on adolescent  development and education

Brianna DeMuccio


The role of language and family literacy  in developing early readers

Erjola Alicka


A revisit of school engagement after 18 years: A comprehensive literature review

Megan Tompkinson


The effects of using technology to take mathematics assessments on mathematics performance

Nazneen Javed


Is homework an effective tool in helping 4th graders succeed within the classroom

Emily Miranda


How do Gen Z students feel about social studies?

Joe Fillisetti


The impact of cultural relevance

Jennifer Stone



Facilitator: Professor Gene Fellner


Does field experience make you a better teacher?

Zeinab Chaalan


Strategies of motivating students learning in science classrooms

Jie Gao


Teacher preparedness for teaching English Language Learners

Fify Deef & Jacqueline Pecoraro


The culturally inclusive classroom

Arianna Virone & Jameela Ismail


There is a relationship between self-determination and self-esteem among secondary students with disabilities

Camila Jure


What are the effects of iPads on student achievement and engagement in high school Geometry?

Sofia Belfiore & Thomas O’Day


What are the perspectives of educators, students and parents regarding the way English Language Learners are classified?

Diana LaBarca & Chrissie Mendez


The impact of three-dimensional art activity on the social-emotional learning of ELLK with special needs: Qualitative case study

Neivein Ahmed



Facilitator: Professor Judit Kerekes


The impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on teachers  and students teaching and learning remotely

Gianna Chianchiano & Wiola Mudryk


The impact of art on second language acquisition

Mona Chehadi


The misidentification of ELL students in special education

Danielle DiCarlo & Anwaar Elwahwah


The effects of sensory tools on on-task behavior of students with ASD

Nicole Aquino


The effectiveness of verb packets on academic performance in second language classrooms in secondary education

Fazima Kausar


Rewording Pre-Calculus word problems for increased comprehension

Nicole Quiles


Would teaching in a students’ native language impact their academic achievement/learning outcomes?

Leigh Ann Gonzalez


Can translanguaging improve academic achievement and social-emotional learning?

Samantha Salcedo


Diversity and inclusion in the classroom

Krysten D’Amato



Facilitator: Professor Bethany Rogers


Effects of Covid-19 on the academic success of students in 3rd grade: Did academics decline or increase?

Carmela Cilenti


The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on students socially and emotionally

Melanie Solimine


SEL curriculum’s impact on English Language Learner participation

Claudia Dollard & Lucia Piatkowski


The effect of time of day a mathematics test is administered to first graders on their mathematics test scores

Nicole Bossert


Does teacher happiness relate to job satisfaction?

Bella Kofner


What effect do standardized tests have on the perception and quality of learning of high school students, college students and teachers?

Sanie Bardic


The impact of grading practices on student mastery in science

Eman Abbas


The relationship between number of absences and reading achievement in the first grade

Elyse Irlinger


Facilitator: Professor Gail Rosenberg


Token economies to serve students with disabilities: Do they work or not?

Alexa Colucci


Mental health in education

Michael Tenuto


Using social stories to develop self-regulation of students with autism

Taylor Gardner


The relationship between attitude towards mathematics and mathematics achievement among second graders

Sabrina Bove


Using technology to strengthen students’ writing skills

Gina Luongo


Writing at the college level using T.E.A.R. paragraph structure

Alyssa Olivo


Supporting students through a positive classroom environment

Taylor Faye Fox


Addressing social-emotional learning  in a third-grade classroom

Jessica Pinto



Facilitator: Professor Liqing Tao


Polarized perspectives: An arts-based narrative on mental health

Samantha Fischetti


Pros and cons of extra-curricular activities

Alejandra Romero


The impact on children of immigrants when language brokering

Iveli Guaman


The effects of mindfulness practice on mathematics assessment among fourth grade students

Bianca Codella


The effects of positive reinforcement on in-seat behavior in preschool students with ASD

Nicole O’Connor


Supporting ELL’s language skills with visual art

Georgia Trivizas


It’s all about perspective: A study of views held by children  of immigrants and their parents on education

Chanda Hall


Benefits and challenges of participation in after-school theatre programs

Joe Gambino


Facilitator: Professor Susan Sullivan


The effects of flexible seating

Alexa Fragapane


Math is fun

Roumany Toumas


Printed word processing between language writing systems with different orthographic depths: A meta analysis

Shan Jiang


The effectiveness of mathematics manipulatives for multiplication and student achievement among third graders

Carly Ann Cogliano


Predictive relationship between text anxiety and students’ academic achievement

Dominique Polizzotto


What are teachers’ and students’ views  on visual support for ELL students?

Brenda Flores


Covid-19: What changed in our students? A comprehensive investigation of the effect of Covid-19 on secondary students

Katharine Acevedo


Multicultural education: Exploring the benefits of independent reading and student choice in the classroom

Christopher Scarpa


Facilitator: Professor Nelly Tournaki


Developing a personal approach to classroom management

Christine Millad


Teaching mathematics online

Diana Shafik


The Strategic Effect educational software impacts multi-language learners in the target language

Gloria Payne


The effectiveness of Origami breaks on the on-task behavior of fifth graders

Monica Elgawly


Special education teachers’ happiness has a significant relation with their attitudes towards inclusion

Brandon Rose


Mental health challenges in remote learning

Ranga Rajakaruna


Student and teacher perceptions on the purposes of homework

Justin Fung


A Comprehensive Investigation of the Effect of Science Education on English Language Learners

MaryJo Sortino



Facilitator: Professor Ken Gold


Inclusion in the classroom

Nisma Zakria


Grow your mindset

Aduragbemi Joseph Odumosu


Coping, managing and minimizing stress in the classroom

Danielle M. Profaci


The relationship between special education teachers’ burnout and their teacher self-efficacy

Omar N, Elngaawy


Using iPads as instructional tools to improve task completion in students with ASD

Carina Marie Sosa


The uprise of social emotional learning: An analysis of the attention to emotions in mathematics classrooms

Kaitlyn Trost & Joshua Siegel


Is film more than just entertainment? The learning implications of film and other videos in the classroom

Matthew Marino


English Language Learners and their teachers

Jaylene Ocasio & Krystal Cordero



Facilitator: Professor Vivian Shulman


Technology in the classroom

Danielle Randazzo


Technology use in and outside the classroom

Lauren Vitale

Academic benefits of culturally relevant pedagogy

Frank Proscia

Effects of early reading interventions with struggling readers  in early childhood

Caitlin Esposito

The effect of computer-based instruction on student achievement in mathematics for middle school students

Edita Taipi

Can implementing a play-based learning approach in second grade mathematics and science classrooms enhance students’ achievement?

Nicole Vierno & Arlinda Hasanbelli

The incorporation of positive learning reinforcement and its impact inside the classroom

Janice Parikh



Facilitator:  Professor Marta Cabral


Comparative study of America/Nigeria elementary education regarding policy implementation

Favour Uwandu


Effective strategies for literacy development for English Language Learners

Emily Traina


How effective is translation software in the classroom?

Matthew Quinn


The number of absences in preschool has a negative relation to the academic and social-emotional progress of Pre-K general and special education students

Julianne Ferone


How effective is guided reading in an ELA classroom?

 Meghan Sheridan


Successful collaborative learning in the classroom

Sydney Parsons


The benefits different note-taking methods have on students

Nicholas Veneziano


What makes math learning fun?

Mai-Wah Che\ung