Dr. Vijverberg is an applied-macro economist and statistician.  She got her Ph.D. in economics from University of Pittsburgh and Ph.D. in statistics from Southern Methodist University.  In addition to investigating the impact of certain probability distributions to financial risks, she uses Markov-Switching techniques and spatial econometric techniques in macro empirics such as business cycle analysis and income inequality.

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Chu-Ping Vijverberg, PhD
College of Staten Island
Phone : 718.982.3312
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Department: Economics


  • Economics
  • Statistics

Research Title

Financial economics, empirical macro economics

Brief Description of Research

My research is in the area of financial economics, empirical macro economics, time series analysis and income inequality.

Publications pertaining to the HPC over the past five years

Vijverberg, C-P C., Vijverberg, W. and S. Taspinar (2016) “Linking Tukey’s Legacy to Financial Risk Measurement,” Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Annals of Computational Financial Econometrics, 100, August, 595-615.

Contribution of the HPC in my research

HPC saves a lot of computer waiting time so I can move forward with my research quickly.