James Booth teaches and conducts research on the physics of the atmosphere with a focus on the mid-latitudes. His current research projects examine the interactions between clouds and precipitation in mid-latitude dynamics, especially in extratropical cyclones, to better understand climate dynamics. He uses ground-based observations, satellite data, numerical weather models, and general circulation models to learn how the thermodynamics associated with clouds and precipitation couples with the wind fields in cyclones. He also conducts research on the links between the cyclones and natural hazards, such as coastal flooding and ice storms. He joined the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department at City College of New York in 2013.

Contact Information

James Booth, PhD
Assistant Professor
City College of New York
Phone : 212.650.6471
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  • Atmospheric Science
  • Climate Dynamics
  • Air-sea interactions



  • Earth and Atmospheric Science, CCNY
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences and Physics at the Graduate Center

Research Title

Visualizing the coupling of dynamics and thermodynamics in extratropical cyclones


Brief Description of Research

Numerical modeling experiments are performed using case studies of past cyclones. The tendency terms for all resolved and parameterized physics are saved for visualization purposes.

Current Funding

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • National Aeronautic and Space Administration
  • Department of Energy

Collaborators on the HPCC based Research Project

David Lindo Atichati


Contribution of the HPC in your research

Providing computing power, data storage, and visualization tools.