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Dr. Lihong Connie Li is a Professor in the Department of Engineering Science and Physics. Her research interests include signal processing, image processing, medical informatics, pattern recognition, and computer vision. Dr. Li was a member of the original pioneer team who developed virtual colonoscopy, a safe minimal-invasive approach to detect colonic polyps using medical imaging and computer graphics technologies. Currently, she serves on the doctoral faculty of the CUNY Ph.D. Program of Electrical Engineering,  on the Editorial Board of the Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology, and as a CSI branch advisor for IEEE and Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Contact Information

Lihong Connie Li, PhD


Collegeof Staten Island
Email Lihong Connie Li, PhD

Discipline: Biomedical Engineering

Department: Engineering Science and Physics


Research Title

Computer aided detection and diagnosis in Medical Imaging.

1) Tan J., Y. Huo, Z. Liang, and L. Li, “Apply Convolutional Neural Network to Lung Nodule Detection: Recent Progress and Challenges,” The International Conference for Smart Health 2017 (ICSH 2017).
2) Tan J., Huo Y., Z. Liang, and L. Li, “A Comparison Study On The Effect Of False Positive Reduction In Deep Learning Based Detection For Juxtapleural Lung Nodules: CNN VS DNN,” Modeling and Simulation in Medicine Symposium 2017 (MSM 2017),Proceedings of the Symposium on Modeling and Simulation in Medicine,Article No. 8.
3) Tan J., Huo Y., and L. Li, “Using ConvNet to recognize lung nodule from CT user data: A feasibility study,” Computational Approaches for Cancer Workshop 2016 (CAFCW-2016).

PSC-CUNY, "Improving colon segmentation via a novel dual level set competition model," $3,500, 2016-2017, PI (awarded).

Yumei Huo and Jiaxing Tang