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Michael Piasecki

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Professor Michael Piasecki holds degrees in civil engineering from the University of Hannover, Germany (diplom) and lhe University of Michihgan (PhD, 1994) with a focus on water resources engineering. He currently is a professor at The City College of New York in the Departmetn of Civil Engineering. His research interests center on the area of hydroinformatics and sustainable water resources and WASH infrstrucutre development in developing countries. He carries large scale hydrologic numerical simulations to investigate how water cycles through watersheds.

Contact Information

Michael Piasecki, PhD


City College of New York
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  • Hydrology
  • Civil Engineering



  • Civil Engineering

Research Title

Watershed responses to long term (climate change & deforestation), short term (hurricanes) stresses for watersheds in Haiti.

Deforestation for charcoal creation is wide-spread in Haiti causing hill slope erosion in the uplands and flooding in the low lands. The adverse economic impacts are significant in addition to causing loss of infrastructure and live any time an extreme event occurs. We seek to investigate how this has changed the overall water circulation in the watersheds and what strategies can be implemented to counter these effects especially in view of climate changes that impact sustenance fanning. To this end we deploy detailed numerical models that allow examining what-if-scenarios.

Stammermann R., Piasecki M., "Generating Numerical Model Grids using Light Detection and Ranging (UDAR) Data", Journal of Hydroinformatics, January 2014.

Jorge Gonzalez, Professor, The City College of New York. Department of Mechanical Engineering

We have used the HPCC facilities for running large scale numerical model for, estuarine fringe (wetlands) areas to investigate budgets of sediment transport that either feed or starve these wetlands. We are now carrying out large hydrologic simulations using the WRF-Hydro model for large scale watersheds on Hispaniola, i.e. those for the endhorreic Lakes Azuei and Enriquillo.