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Sharon Loverde

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Dr. Loverde started as an assistant professor in the Chemistry department at College of Staten Island in 2012. The Loverde laboratory specializes in molecular dynamics simulations of soft and biological materials. Dr. Loverde was an NIH NRSA postdoctoral fellow with Michael L. Klein (Temple University) and Dennis Discher (U Penn). Dr. Loverde obtained her PhD in 2007 in Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University working with Monica Olvera de la Cruz.

Contact Information

Sharon Loverde, PhD

Assistant Professor

College of Staten Island
Email Sharon Loverde, PhD

Department: Chemistry, College of Staten Island
Disciplines: Physical chemistry, soft matter, self-assembly, soft and biological materials

Research Title

Molecular dynamics simulations of soft and biological materials

The Loverde laboratory specializes in molecular dynamics simulations of soft and biological materials. In addition, they utilize methodologies such as advanced sampling methods and develop specialized coarse grained force-fields.


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2  "Coarse-grained molecular dynamics studies of the structure and stability of peptide-based drug amphiphile filaments," Myungshim Kang, Honggang Cui, and Sharon M. Loverde, Soft Matter, 13, 7721-7730 (2017).  DOI: 10.1039/c7sm00943g (2017).  

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4. "Asymmetric Breathing Motions of Nucleosomal DNA and the Role of Histone Tails," Kaushik Chakraborty and Sharon M. Loverde, Journal of Chemical Physics, 147,  065101 (2017). 

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6. “π-π Stacking Mediated Chirality in Functional Supramolecular Filaments,” Myungshim Kang, Pengcheng Zhang, Honggang Cui, Sharon M. Loverde, Macromolecules, 49 (3), 993-1001 (2016). 

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10. “Nanoparticle Shape Improves Delivery: Rational Coarse Grain Molecular Dynamics (rCG-MD) of Taxol in Worm-Like PEG-PCL Micelles,” S. M. Loverde, M. L. Klein, D. E. Discher, Adv. Mater., 24, 3823-3830 (2012).   


Honggang Cui, Johns Hopkins