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Important Phone Numbers and Websites

Student Inquiries 1.718.982.2030
Fax 1.646.664.3984

CSI - Other Offices

Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) 1.718.982.2280
Recruitment and Admissions 1.718.982.2010
Center for Student Accessibility 1.718.982.2510
College Bookstore 1.718.982.3030
Bursar 1.718.982.2060
Health and Wellness Center 1.718.982.3045
College Operator 1.718.982.2000
College Testing 1.718.982.2380
Parking & DolphinCard Services 1.718.982.2294
Registrar 1.718.982.2120
Security - Emergency 1.718.982.2111

SEEK Office

A.S.A.P. Office 1.718.982.3200
All other calls 1.718.982.2116


Customer Call Center (all inquiries) 1.888.697.4372
Default Unit 1.800.666.0991
US Dept. of Education
Federal Student Aid Info. Center 1.800.433.3243
Federal Student Aid Info. Center – TTY 1.800.730.8913
Federal PELL Overpayments 1.800.474.7268
FAFSA on the WEB Information Center 1.800.801.0576
FAFSA on the WEB – TTY 1.800.511.5806
Federal Direct Loan Servicer  
  • Before You Borrow 1.800.557.7394
  • Consolidation Department 1.800.557.7392
Internal Revenue Service  
Tax Transcripts 1.800.908.9946
Student/Parent Inquiry 1.800.829.1040
Social Security Administration
Inquiries 1.800.772.1213
Inquiries - TTY 1.800.325.0778
Perkins/NDSL/NSL Billing & Defaults
Heartland ECSI-Perkins Billing Agent 1.888.549.3274
Account Control Technology, Inc. 1.888.830.7770
Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc.  1.800.964.5689
Selective Service  
Student Inquiry 1.847.688.6888
Alternate Payment Plan  
Nelnet Payment Plan 1.888.470.6014
Complete your FAFSA on the Web
Federal School Code Search
FAFSA Worksheets
FAFSA Question 23 - Drug Worksheet
NSLDS - Federal Grant & Loan History
Direct Loan Servicing System
• Entrance Counseling
• Exit Counseling
Monthly Repayment Costs
Who Services Your Loan?
Federal Perkins Loan  
• Exit Counseling
Families Guide to Federal Tax Credit
• Hope Scholarship
• Lifetime Learning Tax Credit
Selective Service Registration/Records
College Board Scholarship Search
Free Scholarship Search Web Page
The Smart Student Guide to
Financial Aid
Special Web Sites for International Students Studying in America
The sites listed below provide helpful information and additional resources for international students who are planning to pursue college studies in the United States:
Information on Studying in America:
International Educational Financial Aid Scholarship Search:
International Scholarships:
International Student Exchange/Study Abroad Resource Center:
The SmartStudent Guide to Studying in the USA: