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Student Financial Aid and On Campus Housing at CSI

Students can use funds from the principal federal financial aid programs to help pay for accommodations in Dolphin Cove.

The principal grant programs are:

  • TAP – a New York State grant for NYS residents; may only be used to pay tuition
  • Pell Grant – a federal grant; may be used to pay tuition and fees, and also on-campus housing charges.

The principal federal loan programs are:

  • The Federal Direct Loan
    • A 1st-year dependent student may borrow up to $5500
    • A 1st-year independent student may borrow up to $9500
  • The Parent Plus Loan
    • Parents of dependent students may borrow up to total of direct and indirect costs estimated by CUNY not covered by other aid.
    • Eligibility based on credit history.
    • If parent is denied based on credit, the student may apply for up to an additional $4000 Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan beyond the normal annual limit.

Families may request to borrow additional funds through Private Loans to cover up to the cost of attendance. 

There are two kinds of costs associated with attending school and living on campus at CSI:

New York State residents pay a flat rate for full-time tuition. Non-NYS residents pay a higher tuition rate, and pay on a per-credit basis for full-time studies (12 credits or more). All students pay the same mandatory fees.

Students also incur other expenses while attending school such as books, supplies, housing etc. CUNY estimates these costs for all students based on federal guidelines depending on whether they live at home or away from home. To calculate the total cost to attend CSI and live on campus CUNY uses the Living Away from Home budget for all Dolphin Cove residents. However, students and families should be mindful that such costs vary by students based on personal choices. The actual charges for on-campus housing will vary based on the type of accommodation chosen in Dolphin Cove.

Students and families should plan carefully on how tuition and fees and other actual costs associated with going to school will be paid for while the student lives and studies at CSI.