Project Themes


(i) Fabrication of carbon nanodevices and nanocircuits with focused ion beams. Fabrication of electronic nanostructutes with Focused Ion Beams (FIB-writing) is a new approach in nanotechnology of carbon materials, which has been conceived as a technology of controllable and reproducible fabrication of complex electronic nanocircuits. For the last three years several new phenomena of electric current flow in carbon nanowires and carbon nanodots have been discovered. These effects are used to design new type of carbon nanostructures working as tempearture and chemical nanosensors. It is believed that such all-carbon nanosensors can find a broad application in medicine and biology. An example of practical application is the development of an intelligent surgical scalpel for microsurgury: a supersharp diamond scalpel with capabilities of instant cauterization and in-situ chemical and biological analysis in the area of incision. 

(ii) Light emitting diodes for controllable emission of single photons. A new concept of a diamond-based light emitting diode capable of single photon emission on demand was proposed. To develop such a device the research in this area is conducted in two directions: creation of optical centers with stable single photon emission at room temperature (together with Prof. Gorokhovsky) and design of diamond nanodiodes activated with single optical centers. Creation of commercial single photon diodes is a great challenge of nanotechnology. Single photon emitters, once developed, will be the main optoelectronic devices of anticipated quantum communication systems. 

(iii) Application of optical and ion beam technology in gemology. Recently gemological industry has encountered a new big challenge of distinguishing and characterization of artificially colored natural diamonds. Still there are no methods capable of reliable identification of the origin of color of natural diamonds, and various new approaches are being tested to solve the problem. The focused ion beam and optical methods used by Dr. Zaitsev for electronic characterization of diamond substrates in nanotechnological research have proved to be very relevant to the characterization of diamond color too and now are being developed for application in gemology.


Dr.Sc. - Physics and Mathematics, Belarussian State University 1993

PhD - Physics and Mathematics, Lebedev Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR 1980

MS - Physics, Belarussian State University 1975

Scholarship / Publications

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