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Andrzej Wieraszko


Dr. Wieraszko’s current research projects include:

1. The stimulation of the nervous system with magnetic fields to improve neuromuscular performance, and

2. Magnetic field-enhanced recovery after spinal cord injury.


Docent Degree (Neurochemistry), Polish Academy of Science

PhD (Neurochemistry), Polish Academy of Science

MSc (Biochemistry), Warsaw University (Poland)

Scholarship and Publications

Ahmed, Z., Wagdy, M., Benjamin, M., Mohamed, S., Mohamed, H., Ahmed, S., Kanjilal, B., Wieraszko, A. Theraupetic effects of acrobatic exercise and magnetic field exposure on functional recovery after spinal cord injury in mice. Bioelectromagnetics, 32 (2010)49-57.                     Wieraszko, A. Ahmed, Z. Axonal release of glutamate analog, D-2,3-3H-Aspartic acid and L-14C-proline from segments of  sciatic nerve following electrical and magnetic stimulation. Neurosci., Letters, 458 (2009)19-22.Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A. The influence of Pulsed Magnetic Fields [PMF] on non-synaptic potentials recorded from the central and peripheral nervous systems in vitro. Bioelectromagnetics, 30 (2009) 621-630. Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A., Activity-dependent axonal plasticity: the effects of electrical stimulation on compound action potentials recorded from the mouse nervous system in vitro. The Open Neurosci. J., 3 (2009)1-12. Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A., Combined effects of acrobatic exercise and magnetic stimulation on the functional recovery after spinal cord lesions. J. Neurotrauma, 25 (2008)1257-1269.Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A., The mechanism of magnetic field induced increase of excitability in hippocampal neurons. Brain Res., 1221 (2008)30-40. Xie W., Ramakrishna N., Wieraszko, A., Hwang YW. Promotion of Neuronal plasticity by (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate.  Neurochem. Res. (2008) 33:776-783.

Andrzej Wieraszko

Contact Information

Office: Building 6S Room 324A
Fax: 718.982.3852