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Anshel Gorokhovsky


Areas of Interest

Optical properties and structure of solids and defects. Electron–lattice interaction. High resolution optical, laser, hole-burning and site selection spectroscopy. Ultrafast time resolved and coherent spectroscopy. Raman characterization of materials. Optical storage and optical communications.

Project Themes

Optical centers in diamond. Single center and single photon optical emitters.  Spectral hole-burning materials and storage applications.


PhD - Solid State Physics, Institute of Physics of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Tartu, Estonia, 1979

MS - Quantum Electronics Engineering, Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, Leningrad, Russia, 1971

Scholarship and Publications
  1. Y. Deshko, A. Gorokhovsky, "Effects of planar geometry on the inhomogeneous broadening of zero phonon lines of optical centers in diamond", Phys. Status Solidi B 250, 278-282 (2013). 
  2. Y. Deshko, Mengbing Huang, and A.A. Gorokhovsky, "Conversion efficiency of implanted ions by confocal micro-luminescence mapping", J. Lumin. 133, 61- 65 (2013). 
  3. Anshel Gorokhovsky, "Organic materials for spectral hole burning and for non-hole burning optical filters" (Invited Paper), Advances on Photonics of Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication V, Proc. SPIE, 8272, 82720H1 - 82720H9 (2012). 
  4. V. Kumar, A.A. Bergman, A.A. Gorokhovsky, and A.M. Zaitsev, "Formation of carbon nanofilms on diamond for all-carbon based temperature and chemical sensor application", Carbon, 49, 1385 -1394 (2011). 
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  16. A.V. Turukhin and A.A. Gorokhovsky, "Determination of quantum efficiency of persistent spectral hole burning using dispersive kinetics", Chem. Phys. Lett. 317, 109 (2000).
Anshel Gorokhovsky

Contact Information

Office: Building 1N Room 236
Fax: 718.982.2830