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Cary Karacas

Associate Professor

Cary Karacas is a cultural geographer who specializes in modern Japan, East Asian urbanization, issues related to how memories of catastrophic loss are inscribed upon the urban landscape, and the civilian experience of aerial bombing during war.


Ph.D. in Geography, UC Berkeley

M.A. in Geography, San Francisco State University

B.A. in Latin American Studies & Ecology, UCLA

Scholarship and Publications

Co-creator of, a bilingual digital archive.

Co-editor, Cartographic Japan: A History in Maps, University of Chicago Press, 2016.

Co-author, "The Optics of Ruination: Towards an Archaeological Approach to the Photography of the Japan Air Raids," Journal of Urban History, 40 (5): 959-984, September 2014.

Co-author, "A Cartographic Fade to Black: Mapping the Destruction of Urban Japan," The Journal of Historical Geography 38 (2):306-328, July 2012.

“Fire Bombings and Forgotten Civilians: The Lawsuit Seeking Compensation for Victims of the Tokyo Air Raids,” The Asia-Pacific Journal  9 (3), January 2011.

Co-author, “The Fire Bombing of Tokyo: Views from the Ground,” The Asia-Pacific Journal 9 (3), January 2011.

“Place, Public Memory, and the Tokyo Air Raids,” The Geographical Review 100 (4): 521–537, October 2010.

Co-author, “Nihon Kushu Digitaru Aakaibu no Setsuritsu ni Tsuite” (Establishing a Digital Archives of the Japan Air Raids), Kushu Tsushin [Air Raid Communication], 12: 7-11, August 2010.

Cary Karacas

Contact Information

Office: Building 2N Room 230
Fax: 718.982.2888