Christina Hagedorn is an assistant professor of Linguistics in the English Department and director of the Motor Speech Laboratory at CSI. Her research focuses primarily on disordered speech production. Her work aims to shed light on the precise nature of articulatory breakdowns in disordered speech and how this can inform theories of unimpaired speech production, as well as lead to refinement of the therapeutic techniques used to address these speech deficits. Her current research focuses on both articulatory coordination patterns in apraxic speech and articulatory preservation and compensation mechanisms exhibited by oral and base of tongue cancer patients.

She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Southern California, where she was a member of the Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge (SPAN) Group, the USC Phonetics and Phonology Group, and was a Hearing and Communication Neuroscience pre-doctoral fellow.


Ph.D., University of Southern California

B.A., Stony Brook University

Scholarship / Publications

Journal Articles

C. Hagedorn, M. Proctor, L. Goldstein, S. Wilson, B. Miller, M. Gorno-Tempini, & S. Narayanan (Accepted, 2015). Characterizing Articulation in Apraxic Speech Using Real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research

Peer-Reviewed Conference Publications

C. Hagedorn, M. Proctor, L. Goldstein, M. Gorno-Tempini, & S. Narayanan (2012), Characterizing Covert Articulation in Apraxic Speech Using Real-time MRI. In Proc. Interspeech,  (pp. 1050-1053). Portland, OR

C. Hagedorn, M. Proctor & L. Goldstein (2011), Automatic Analysis of Singleton and Geminate Consonant Articulation using Real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In Proc. Interspeech, (pp. 409-412). Florence, Italy

M. Proctor, A. Lammert, A. Katsamanis, L. Goldstein, C. Hagedorn &
S. Narayanan (2011), Direct Estimation of Articulatory Kinematics from Real-time Magnetic Resonance Image Sequences. In Proc. Interspeech, (pp. 281-284). Florence, Italy

M. Gao, C. Mooshammer, C. Hagedorn, H. Nam, M. Tiede, Y. Chang, F. Hsieh & L. Goldstein (2011), Intra- and Inter-syllabic Coordination: An Articulatory Study of Taiwanese and English. In Wai-sum Lee and Eric Zee (eds.), Proc. of the 17th International Conference of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS XVII), (pp. 723-726). Hong Kong

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