Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong


Cindy Wong has worked on domestic and global issues within an interdisciplinary framework that draws on communications, media studies, anthropology, cultural studies, and documentary production.  Drawing on her background in Hong Kong – where she was born and raised – and her research experience in East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States, she incorporates multicultural and global perspective throughout her studies.  She also believes that students should be taught to become Global Citizens and has led students through the Pearl River Delta to study globalization, development and diaspora.  In addition to teaching general communications classes, Professor Wong teaches classes on Global Media, Multicultural Literacies, Media and the Margins, and the Peopling of New York.


BA, New College of the University of South Florida

MA, University of Southern California

PhD, Annenberg School for Communications, University of Pennsylvania

Scholarship and Publications

Professor Wong's areas of research include grassroots media, Hong Kong cinema culture and practices, diasporic media, global Chinese Diaspora and international film festivals. Her book, Film Festivals, Culture, People and Power on the Global Screen, (Rutgers: 2011) offers the first comprehensive overview of the history, agents, films, and multiple agendas of the global festival world. She is the co-author of Global Hong Kong (2005) and the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture (2001), she also has published articles in Asian Cinema, American Anthropologist, Postscript, Velvet Light Trap, Amerasia, Asian Cinema and contributed chapters to Classic Whiteness (2001), Consuming Hong Kong (2001), Authorship and Film (2002), Chinese TV (2006) Hong Kong Films, Hollywood and the New Global Cinema (2007), TV China (2009), Global Downtown, and A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema (2015), ​Film Festivals History Theory Method Practice (2016), Chinese Film Festivals (2017). She is also conducting research and preparing a book manuscript on Global Chinatowns with Gary McDonogh.

Introduction to Media, Introduction to Communication, Communication Theories, Multicultural Literacy, Media Analysis,Media Regulations, Media Internship, Global Media, Senior Seminar in Communication Research, History of Media, The Peopling of New York.

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Office: Building 1P Room 229
Fax: 718.982.2710